Pseudo Random News and Comment

Where and When Do Most People Lose Their Phones? [INFOGRAPHIC] Don’t let it be you. The smarter the phone the greater the security risk it creates.

Bo Xilai’s playboy son. The Chinese really are great savers. He’s doing it all on only the $478 a month dad officially makes.

Neil Heywood poisoned by cyanide. If true, that’s so low tech. Can’t be a modern country with that sort of amateurism. I always thought an affair was likely for business reasons. Not sure if this makes it more personal or simply taking care of business.

Gerd Gigerenzer: What Can Economists Know? Via Naked Capitalism. Perfect timing since I just finished my second post on quantitative vs intuitive trading (here, and here) and mentioned the need to write about the scientific support for intuition in decision-making. Even more serendipitously, it’s not the only one today – Why does simply trusting your feelings lead to much better predictions? Which also emphasizes my point about the need for training and experience.

Another Mac trojan detected. The trouble with popularity is it makes you a target. Whether governments or criminals, that’s just too big of an area to leave unexplored.

Residential Remodeling Index increases 3% in February I’ve been puzzled that this index has taken so long to show signs of life. If people can’t sell, remodeling should rise at some point. It would be interesting to compare home improvement big box sales vs permits to get an estimate of how non-permitted activity changes too.

Robert Shiller demonstrating the benefits of historical knowledge. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean you’ll be correct at any particular point in time.

The perils of paying for status. I try to buy mine on sale.

The return of the broken window fallacy. Patents, Copyrights Boost Economy With Jobs, Report Finds I don’t know how someone can publish a study like that with a straight face. The same could be said about almost anything – “White guys boost economy with jobs” – and the numerical “support” would be far greater in that case.

12 predictions by Michael Pettis on China. It’s not pretty.

Now I have great new mental imagery when imagining my memory at work. Memory Foraging: When the Brain Behaves Like a Bee

Cancer care in the U.S. versus Europe: Is more necessarily better? Great piece deconstructing a cancer study. Also the only article I can remember on the health debate that points out the real question is how care will be rationed since all systems involve rationing.


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