Pseudo Random News and Comment

Amazon’s knock-off book “problem”. Thanks for the publishing strategy! Much easier to write one of those books than a unique one.

China’s Bo backed, then blocked murder probe against his wife: sources Given what happened to Bo I have serious doubts these sources are anything but the official party line, leaked out to make it seem legitimate.

Rotting from within. Investigating the massive corruption in the Chinese military. Unfortunately for the Chinese people this is a systemic problem, not just military. Too bad US journalists don’t focus on the bigger stories like this in the US, rather than focusing on small time prostitution scandals.

Rise of the killer drones. I just got done watching Terminator 1-3 again and it was far more disturbing this time around.

Buffett has prostate cancer. He must have discovered it when he had his head up his ass talking about how he should pay more taxes but found his checkbook somehow absent.

BitTorrent Troll describes his business model. Political competition at its finest. Not too many Louis CKs in the world.

Long-term exposure to air pollution increases risk of hospitalization for lung, heart disease

Brain scans can predict weight gain and sexual activity: study

Brain cancer vaccine proves effective This has been a long time coming.

Parkinson’s protein causes disease spread in animal model Misfolded proteins are getting the finger pointed at them in more and more disease processes. I doubt doing origami helps prevent it.

Knee injuries in women linked to motion, nervous system differences

Babies flick ‘anti-risk switch’ in women but not men There goes my Take Baby to Work plan to prevent the next financial crisis.

Group finds facial expressions not as universal as thought Not as dramatic as the headline implies, merely cultural influence on expression.

Identifying the bad guy Eyewitness testimony is given a lot of weight but has never held up to scientific scrutiny. Memory is a useful but very flawed tool.

Researchers find further evidence of disturbed immune system in autism

Hong Kong’s next leader to ban mainland babies I guess the well-off will have to go elsewhere to have more kids now.

High SPF sunscreens assure protection from solar rays


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