Fixing The Economy

I’ve had enough. The irresistible urge to aggregate rears its ugly head again. Once too often I’ve read or heard someone say “We need to fix the economy.”

The “economy” isn’t a separate entity, lurking like a monster in a nearby forest, only marginally connected to the people in the area. There are only individual human beings, making choices about what to buy, sell, save, destroy, and how best to arrange their affairs to ensure a better future, and the result of all our individual activity is known as “the economy.” Calling for “the economy” to be fixed is nothing but advocating the overruling of our individual choices; forcing us to choose differently, to accept other results than what we intended.

It’s the height of paternalistic arrogance to propose anyone be given such power over the lives of others (and pure foolishness to assume that arrangement would turn out the way you wanted). If you’re concerned about the future of the US focus on the legal and political framework and forget “the economy.” There is nothing a ruling elite would like more than for you to waste your time on something that doesn’t exist.

If you’re only concerned with “fixing the economy” leave me out of it. I’m happy with the choices I’ve made during the downturn, and before. My part isn’t broken.


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