Pseudo Random News and Comment

Neural Responses Reveal Our Optimistic Bent. Obviously sexually transmitted diseases take great advantage of this. My question is whether any of them alter the bias by further suppressing the response to negative information.

Blind Mice Given Vision Lead Wave of Regenerative Medicine Tools. Decent summary of a trio of studies with promising early results. Linked to two of them yesterday but covers the ramifications a bit more.

On the trail of the white horse. Poignant story of the death of ultrarunner Micah True.

VIDEO: Final marathon for 101-year-old. Dude appears in better shape than his coach. Concerns that running may kill him seem a little misplaced.

Michael Lewis Interviews Himself: Boycott the Banks! Checked that off my list in 1985.

Thanks to Google’s temporary blacklisting I now know about this site:, a parody naturally. Sarcasm doesn’t work that well online. Much to my disappointment.

Copycat books on Amazon and now copycat oncology research. Whistling the same Tunisia: Serial plagiarists plague the oncology literature

Recent Indonesia quake added pressure to key fault. Already a lot of activity in the Pacific Rim and it looks like things aren’t settling down at all.

China’s demographic time bomb. A chart.

Mandatory ‘Big Brother’ Black Boxes In All New Cars From 2015 (Paul Joseph Watson/Infowars) Pretty much speaks for itself.

Belief in God rises with age, even in atheist nations. As time runs out everyone looks for a way out. Science has been a little slow providing one.

Don’t dip your portfolio in the company inkwell. Having a job is enough dependence.

Winner of most reviled cyclist award, Riccardo Ricco receives 12-year doping ban

Guest Post: Wages And Consumption Are Both In Long-Term Downtrends. If those charts were stocks you’d be buying out of the money puts.

Bo Xilai case shines light on corruption in China, Nice summary of the state of things in Chinese officialdom.

Neil Heywood called suspected killer an ‘unforgiving empress’ Asking for a bigger cut? Rather hard to believe someone could be so stupid in that situation but maybe having gotten away with it for so long it wasn’t so clear.

Why Chimpanzees Kill. The reasons are rather familiar to a human.

Woman wins work sex injury case. Maybe she can get permanent disability out of this too.

Julian Assange’s lawyer ‘prevented from boarding flight at Heathrow’

Could a newly discovered viral genome change what we thought we knew about virus evolution?

Reversing a heart attack: scientists reprogram scar tissue into working muscle. Some more detail on the regenerative medicine story.

Reminders of secular authority reduce believers’ distrust of atheists. I guess it’s a good thing most politicians only pretend to be religious or there would be a war on atheists instead of terrorists.

When It Comes to Solar Storms, We Don t Even Know How Bad It Might Get. More from the brighter side of science.

Daily physical activity may reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk at any age

Am I crazy? Talking to yourself has cognitive benefits, study says. My favorite even though it’s more about processing improvements than arguments.


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