Pseudo Random News and Comment

Nice example of the mental state I was talking about in Part 2 of the Intuitive Trading series. The best trader I have ever known, part II

‘Stock-Picking Robot’ a Fraud, SEC Says. Not really, the more people suckered in, the more accurate the predictions. Aren’t accurate predictions the usual measure of success?

All-White jury pools convict black defendants 16 percent more often than whites. I would have guessed higher.

Depression linked to greater risk of peripheral artery disease. So quit moping around and cheer the f*** up. Seems a bit of a stretch and a very small sample, but might work by depression -> immune system -> altered plaque development.

Scientists find Achilles’ heel in life-threatening malaria parasites. There seem to have been a lot of stories proclaiming major progress on malaria but real world results are still lacking.

Study finds soda consumption increases overall stroke risk. Thankfully diet soda is in the clear.

New stem cell found in the brain

Experiment shows visual cortex in women quiets when viewing porn. Haven’t done any sex science links in a long time so this is long overdue.

What price for a year of life? Cancer specialists offer contradictory advice. How much do you have? Once the cashectomy is done you’re a goner. Testament to the brain’s ability to hold contradictory notions when oncologists say $100,000 is too much when many earn several times that each year.

Silvio Berlusconi: ‘women are exhibitionists’ No hope of procuring the best genetic contribution without advertising. His explanation for the payments to witnesses is classic.

Pentagon Smears USA Today Reporters Investigating … Wait for It … Illegal Pentagon Propaganda Someone is finally complaining.

VIDEO: Murky background to Heywood’s death

Cyber-attack cripples US website covering Bo Xilai scandal Somewhat related to the Pentagon story. Government PR in the 21st century.

China Steps In to Steady Bo’s City

China police ‘knew UK man killed’ No surprise there.

Reflections on “Small Wars” and Military Waste; Four Reasons Congress Wastes Money on Useless Defense Programs The purpose of all government spending is to reward contributors, buy people’s votes with their own money, and solidify the power of the government. The fact that the military spending goes to tactically idiotic programs is totally irrelevant.

Studios lose landmark piracy suit LOL

Hacktivists in the frontline battle for the internet.

Why Booze Makes Some People Belligerent But not easily applied to determine whom to avoid at parties.

TSA Behavioral Detection Statistics Some more predictable results of government spending. This must be stupidity day.

Another rebuttal to Bernanke’s traveling medicine show. Did Bernanke Prevent Another Depression?

Mac OS X invulnerability to malware is a myth, says security firm

Key genes that switch off with aging highlighted as potential targets for anti-aging therapies

Evolution seen in ‘synthetic DNA’ Forget the Terminator robots, it’ll be the critters!

Secret to Life Venn Diagram I’m permanently stuck in the learn to monetize area, compounded by the set of things I want to do being unknown or null. Or maybe I’m just a slow learner.

Airliner’s Close Call Blamed on Pilot’s Texting [VIDEO] Jesus, stupidity is dangerous.

Mothers Are Way More Tech Savvy Than You [STUDY] You thought she didn’t know what you did at that party? Joke is on you junior.

Impaired fasting glucose affects male sexual health. Now that’s motivational.

On the other hand some stupidity can be a good thing.Megaupload Trial May Never Happen, Judge Says


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