Pseudo Random News and Comment

Wal-Mart Confirms Mexico Bribery Probe. I thought that bribery law was idiotic from the start.There are many countries around the world where literally nothing can get done without greasing someone’s palm. As an example, locals in Brazil have told me several times that they even have to pay a bribe to get a package handed over the counter at the post office (and failure to do so will lead to it being sold out the back door). Expecting any person or company to operate in certain countries without following local customs on bribery is ridiculous.

Robot Red-Light Districts By 2050? [VIDEO] OH BOY, HIT A ROBO-HO BY 2050! I’ve long had the notion to start a Real Doll brothel. Non-biological so totally legal in my view. Health department mandated clean up between customers was a concern to me though. Steam clean? I suppose the xenophobes will even complain that immigrants are taking those Robo-ho janitorial jobs.

This scares me. New “Temporary” Border Controls a Vote of No Confidence in Europe; In France, Old Protectionist Idea Reawakened; Disastrous Global Trade Wars Coming Up Closing borders is always a prelude to conflict if not war.

Cost of Bad Buy/Sell Decisions. If individual investors are so consistently wrong why not do the opposite and be totally money? Unfortunately that’s hard to get people to do.

Brain Electrodes Could Mean Movement For Spinal Injury Patients [VIDEO]. It really seems like this should have been done 10 years ago. Smaller electrodes were probably the only thing missing.

Mostly interesting for the bit about medical research. Brain Electrodes Could Mean Movement For Spinal Injury Patients [VIDEO]

Dog microchips plan for England. After this proof of concept you know what species is next.

RIP: Facts (360 B.C.-A.D. 2012). I’d say this is the funniest thing I’ve read in some time but the truth really isn’t all that funny.

A truly fine piece of logic. Should You Eat That Bacon? [COMIC]

I live in a neighborhood where this could really be helpful.Parking Panda Helps You Find, Rent & Rent Out Parking Spaces. College towns should be a decent market for it.

If you have a smart phone anyone can track you. The price of progress gets higher, but no worries – it’s a feature not a bug.

Money As Debt. Just so you know.

Listed House Sale Closings Rose 74,000 in March, Prices up 5% in Month, 2.5% in Year. This kind of activity can only mean the collapse is about to resume in earnest.

Torture claims in Bo Xilai scandal. It’s interesting to see what governments will make public when trying to justify their latest power play. Otherwise it would have been kept quiet just like all the other abuses of power in China. The internet is the only reason anything gets out so it’s no wonder they want to totally control it (not necessarily referring exclusively to China).

FDA Alerts Doctors on Fakes Not the greatest drug even when it’s real.

Kim Dotcom Lashes Out Against “Corrupt” US Government. With his attorney stopped from traveling I guess nobody was around to tell him the truth is no defense.


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