Pseudo Random News and Comment

Apparently we are all ass kissers to some degree. Subconsciously, we echo the speech of superiors

Study finds chronic fatigue syndrome patients had reduced activity in brain’s ‘reward center’. The confusion continues over CFS. I think much of the problem is people with depression and other maladies are being included in the study populations.

Micro helicopters leave the nest. As they say in the movies, “Kill them before they breed!” Not as micro as I was expecting so OO buckshot would still work well.

How childhood family income affects adulthood. Next they need to adjust for kids whose families consider playing the lottery good financial planning and see what the results are then.

Research: Millennials rarely interact with brands on Facebook. I keep feeling like it’s 1999 again. Next they will find they don’t buy as a result of Facebook ads either.

Kenyans allege British involvement in rendition and torture in Uganda. A serious blow to US exceptionalism. It’s so hard to stay in the lead in a race to the bottom.

‘Junk DNA’ can sense viral infection. Yet again “junk” DNA isn’t as junky as the name implies. Some has to be nothing more than successful viral hitchhikers, but there is always pressure to help the host out to ensure greater reproductive success. Integration is probably the laziest approach to viral reproduction but it does have a cost. Ancient virus DNA thrives in us

The best science news in ages! Component of pizza seasoning herb oregano kills prostate cancer cells

Dirty books reveal secret lives of people living in mediaeval times. The poor guy praying to ward off the plague would have been better served using the book to kill a few rats.

Prions in the brain eliminated by homing molecules

Mysterious ‘monster’ discovered by amateur paleontologist. Quite a find. I’m jealous.

Evidence shows that anti-depressants likely do more harm than good, researchers find. OMG, you mean using a pharmacological shotgun on the brain is a bad idea?

California ‘mad cow’ case found. Took a lot longer than I expected for this to happen.

Researchers find time in wild boosts creativity, insight and problem solving. Like how to invent a refrigerator and toilet paper.

Australian Police Accused of Mass Software Piracy. I simply can’t believe police would ever be law breakers.

What if Facebook isn’t so special after all? If Zuckerberg doesn’t care you shouldn’t either. It’s his company, not yours.

Harvard University says it can’t afford journal publishers’ prices. A very promising development. They aren’t the only place with budget problems.

Open Science and Access to Medical Research

A sign of things to come in the China power struggle? Some Users In China Reporting Access To Facebook, Despite Ban [Update: Looks Like It’s Blocked Again]

Wukan village ex-heads ‘punished’

Slight Genetic Variations Can Affect How Others See You. I knew there was a reason.

Time for some new wallpaper on the Titanic. Groupon Is Said to Seek New Directors After Restatement

Many athletes with asthma may be using the wrong treatment. Given that most of them are taking the drugs as part of their doping programs this is hardly surprising.

What Happens When All The Money Vanishes Into Thin Air? Decent summary of the process.

Pentagon sets up new spy agency to eavesdrop on a changing world. 17 intelligence agencies? That is certain to enhance coordination and information sharing.

Real House Prices and Price-to-Rent Ratio at late ’90s Levels Too bad there is no adjustment for square footage. Otherwise it looks like another 30-40% to go. Houses aren’t more productive than they were 40 years ago but they’re probably quite a bit bigger on average.

On the Social Security 2012 Report to Congress I’ve never counted on getting a dime but I’ll soon be only a decade away and this makes it sound like I may still recoup some of those payroll tax losses yet.

Mexico Won’t Investigate Walmex If they don’t care why should we?

How Creativity Connects with Immorality. It’s easier to think up excuses.

Repo Man’s Alex Cox: Move Sites Overseas To Kill Copyright Complaints

1 in 5 Macs Has Malware [STUDY] Every time I read these stories I think of the Apple ads that made fun of PCs for having viruses. Time for a retraction.

Damn quackypractors are at it again. Chiropractors as Family Doctors? No Way!

The More You Sit, the Sooner You’ll Die [VIDEO] Uh oh.

Mexican immigration falls for first time in four decades.

Letting go can boost quality of life

Just in time for general election fundraising. Obama’s New Tech Sanctions Could Hit Home

Dropbox Adds Key Feature That Supposedly Made Megaupload Illegal: Link To Download.


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