Pseudo Random News and Comment

MUST READ –  Skimtacular: All-in-One ATM Skimmer. You really do need to try to tear apart an ATM before you use it.

HOW YOU CAN BUY HAPPINESS. Also has a good comment about the asymmetric cost/benefit of leaving a large tip.

The Man Who Hacked Hollywood  More than anything this is about the dangers of bad passwords.

The wisdom of retail traders: Study shows retail investors can predict future stock returns. Individual accounts are of course losers on average so all this really says is that tracking the average of greater fools can be profitable. Duh.

Pig stomach mucins are effective as anti-viral agents for consumer products. Very promising and very disgusting.

Evolution in an island, the secret for a longer life. No wonder I keep coming back to Hawaii.

Lefties have element of surprise in sports arena: study Support for the combat theory of handedness.

Distracted driving rises among local college students. Faces so buried in smart phones I’m surprised they can even find the door to get in a car.

Corporate political donations do not boost stock performance, KU professor says. This has a host of problems. It would be more useful to look at the returns on donations among companies that donate rather than comparing those that do vs those that don’t. The ones that don’t are likely to outperform because they aren’t in a position where they feel the need. Those that donate almost by definition are under pressure or overly dependent on government largesse.

Intensive kidney dialysis indicates better survival rates than conventional dialysis. Let me get this straight. Less poison in the body is better? OK, got it.

Protecting your brain: ‘Use it or lose it’. Just like I always say. I’m still looking for the equivalent sex organ study. You know it’s coming.

Study confirms anatomic existence of the elusive G-spot. I have to say it – now that you found it, use it or lose it.

Scientists uncover strong support for once-marginalized theory on Parkinson’s disease

Vitamin D deficiency shown to increase rejection rates in lung transplant patients. Maybe they are following orders to stay out of the sun to avoid skin cancer (immunosuppressants roughly triple the risk).

Bo Xilai’s family in spotlight over website bought for $100,000. Bo should write a book about investing because it’s simply miraculous what he could do with his small salary.

Vice scandal ‘did not risk Obama’. This is complete crap. Honey traps are the oldest trick in the book and these guys were hitting 21 of them, not to mention nursing hangovers on the big day.

Presenting For Your Correlation Consideration: THE Transfer Payment. LOL, the funniest thing is it’s probably true.

Blood Flow Fingered In Ice Cream Headaches. When I was a kid I discovered I could cure them by forcing blood into my head so I thought this was obvious.

Fed Reaffirms Low-Rate Policy. But rest assured no matter how identical it seems, we aren’t repeating Japan’s mistakes.

HTC, Facebook jointly developing smartphone, say sources. Let me guess, after paying a small fee anyone will be able to download the contents of your phone (after promising to anonymize the data).

Journal Publishers in China Vow to Clamp Down on Academic Fraud. It’s going to take a lot more than this before I stop disregarding everything that comes out of there.

Rise of Humans 2 Million Years Ago Doomed Large Carnivores. We’re top of the food chain baby! OK, except for the occasional sharks, hippos, crocodiles, bears, some spiders….

Everything is back to normal.China Escalates Crackdown on Internet

Why Light Touching Can Double Your Chances of Getting a Date  Note: it’s better save the G spot for a little later in the process.

Cool replacements for the Big Mac index. What Costs How Much, Where? Presenting The “Apple Index”

Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots? That’s affirmative.

More on the subject of student loans from Mish: 53% of New Graduates are Jobless or Underemployed; Rude Awakening for Class of 2012; Useless Degrees; Who Benefits From Student Aid?

A Tale of 2 G-Spots I just can’t leave this one alone.

Shakespeare’s ‘co-author’ named

Son of Chinese leader Bo Xilai breaks his silence. Sounds like a political career in his future given his capacity for exploring the plasticity of truth.


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