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Why Janet Jackson’s Nipple Won’t Go Away. Someone needs to do a study similar to the ones which showed homophobes were the most stimulated by gay imagery. I have little doubt it would demonstrate the most fervent anti-sex crusaders are the biggest pervs around.

Scar tissue turned into heart muscle without using stem cells. Maybe something similar would work with cataracts.

People with ‘balanced time perspective’ more likely to call themselves content. The importance of maintaining cognitive flexibility.

How to spot the future. In my experience it tends to happen whether you spot it or not. If a simple set of rules could give you the jump on everyone else it would quickly become useless due to widespread adoption – just like technical indicators in the stock market.

Quick Take on Today’s Jeffrey Gundlach Presentation in NYC. Gundlach makes me feel bullish by comparison.

A welcome move at Gawker. Why anonymity matters.

U.S. Voters Favor Regulating CO2. I have an idea – stop breathing.

Man Tries To Relinquish US Citizenship. Application Denied. Still think a wall on the Mexican border would be to keep the Mexicans out?

Losing Your Religion: Analytic Thinking Can Undermine Belief. It’s an inherent conflict so why wouldn’t it?

Mental stress may be harder on women’s hearts. Everyone knows men are more hard-hearted.

Toxic gas in dogs’ vomit a threat to vets: CDC. Odd news of the day.

Age, life expectancy influence termination of PSA screening. Medical tests can be landmarks of sorts as you age. The point at which they stop doing them is probably the cruelest of all.

Just as I said here, self-awareness improves performance. Physician’s mindfulness skills can improve care for patient and provider

This type of pronouncement makes me sick. US animal feed, beef safe from mad cow: FDA. It’s impossible to have reviewed the situation in any detail in a couple of days. Other than by assuming nothing has changed since their last assumed to have been accurate assessment, there is absolutely no basis for this statement.

From embryonic stem cells, a sperm replacement and easier path to genetic modification. Sperm-beaters?

Research represents major breakthrough in macular degeneration

Why do different people’s bodies react differently to a high-fat diet? Say hello to our little friends.

Study finds mammography beneficial for younger women. Read this and then see what you think about this study.

Seeing is as seeing does: Spatially-structured retinal input in early development of cortical maps. Pretty darn cool. Tailoring to the specific environment at a very early stage.

Women have bigger pupils than men. No doubt trying to make us gullible males think they’re sexually rather than materially interested.

Stem cell researchers map new knowledge about insulin production. There have been a few promising studies on stem cells for Type 1 DM but this could really help move things along.

Building muscle without heavy weights.  The key point is “until failure”, which makes sense. But why spend the extra time reaching that point when you can do it in <10 reps with heavier weights?

Gold mine or dumpster dive? A closer look at adverse event reports. I’ve sifted through a few on occasion and found them less than helpful. Interesting numbers on discontinuation rates in placebo arms (Nocebo effect).

Neil Heywood case sheds light on privileged lifestyles of China’s elite. Monarchies or oligarchies have the potential for better results than democracy if the rulers understand that increasing the well-being of their country is what will most benefit themselves. Unfortunately the selection pressures in those systems lean heavily against individuals with the mental capacity to understand that and much more toward brutality and subterfuge.

This is something you shouldn’t be caught doing. Bo Xilai officials ‘wiretapped call to President Hu Jintao’

Some priceless hypocrisy on the rule of law. Obama Justice and medical marijuana

The Bailout Of The US Postal Service Begins: Cost To Taxpayers – $110,000 Per Union Vote “Saved Or Gained”. Is $100,000 per head the magic number or something? Public rail transit systems have cost around that per rider before too.

Setting up your own torrent site is a really dumb move. IMAGiNE BitTorrent Piracy Group Indicted, Face Years In Prison

IMAGiNE BitTorrent Piracy Group Indicted, Face Years In Prison. The weird thing is on long-term charts it looks no different from 40 years ago. Maybe that’s an argument for the Matrix being real.

Average is Bad. Why else would we all like to think we’re above average?

US air screeners ‘ran drug ring’. This is really giving them more credit for entrepreneurship than they deserve. They just took money to ignore the flow.

“Pay What You Want” May Deter Consumers. #$%#, I may have to change that donation page.

Does technique that removes additional toxins benefit dialysis patients? Yes, surprisingly less poison is better (again).

Also applies equally to the Next Big Thing: Note to Facebook Shareholders: What to do After You Make a Zillion Dollars


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