Pseudo Random News and Comment

Sunscreen use may lead to vitamin D deficiency. Essentially a demonstration that sunscreens are effective.

Researchers discover links between Facebook profiles, personality and job success.  It’s definitely time to falsify improve your resume Facebook profile.

New form of intellectual disability discovered. I thought Keynesianism was previously described. BB brain and PK have been dramatically illustrating it recently.

Work starts on new therapy to prevent Type 1 diabetes. Pretty cool, and only 50 years too late for me.

Critical Java Patch Plugs 88 Security Holes. I wonder what the record is.

Goldman Knows Banking. Pathetic is how I feel about it too. Political competition is a refuge for whiners, cheaters, incompetents and other despicable characters.

Cispa approved by House but critics urge Senate to block ‘horrible’ bill. Like I said on the last round. Sooner or later they will get something awful pushed through. I’m surprised they are still trying it as a stand alone bill rather than stuffing something into a Medicare appropriations bill or something.

How CISPA would affect you (faq). The assumption that “safeguards” on privacy would be worth anything at all is pretty laughable too considering the performance of current safeguards.

Attack Mitigation. Change in tactics in computer security.

Assay come, assay go: Corporate takeover leads to retraction of device analysis. Interesting example of research used as ad copy.

The Irrationality of Irrationality: The Paradox of Popular Psychology. I think it’s really about memes propagating despite our brains.

The Consolation of Philosophy

Most of the Internet’s Top 200,000 HTTPS Websites Are Insecure, Trustworthy Internet Movement Says. That’s an attractive feature for many governments.

Gareth Williams inquest: MI6 spy could have shut himself in bag, says expert. This reminds me so much of a case years ago in Indiana. Victim died of a dozen or more blows to the head from a hammer, any one of which could have been fatal. Hammer was found across the room with no prints and the victim wasn’t wearing gloves. It was ruled a suicide. Later reopened due to public ridicule.

Why Pygmies Are Short: New Evidence Surprises. Short parents were my guess, but apparently it’s increased disease resistance.

Certainty Principle: People Who Hold False Convictions Are Better at Retaining Corrected Information. The trick is in getting people to see what they don’t believe.

Finally some good news – Experimental Biology Blogging: Every once in a while, a double cheeseburger might not be so bad for the heart.

Man, 103, dies – after 95 years with bullet in head. Maybe a hole in the head is a good thing.

Debunking Bailout Myths. I hope nobody is surprised by this.

WSJ on Housing: “Bidding wars are back”. I’ve long had a theory about market behavior based on Tommy Boy: “That’s Gonna Leave A Mark.” When something big and bad enough happens it will reverberate for a long time. I think the housing market qualifies, which means this new burst of excitement is nothing but a punch drunk boxer getting up off the mat. We all know what happens after that.

FDA Approves Vivus Drug for Erectile Dysfunction. Secret Service applies for group discount program.

Obama’s Plan is a Stealth Middle Class Tax Hike. So Is Romney’s  Duh, that’s where the money is (and the campaign contributions aren’t).

Chen Guangcheng ‘safe’ in US embassy. If true, this is likely to cause a stink.


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