Pseudo Random News and Comment

Where Did All the Accomplished People Go? Calling the current crop of celebrities “cupcakes” is overly generous.

My Faith-Based Retirement A whole lot of people are banking that their faith will be rewarded. As usual those with no faith will end up paying for it.

Real GDP Per Capita and the Year-over-Year Change. Some disheartening charts illustrating the effect of a declining pool of real savings.

US secret service tightens rules for agents in wake of scandal. No more heavy drinking, but still no guidance on crack or IV drugs.

David and Société Générale. Kerviel is fighting back. He should because there are no rogue traders when they make money, only when they lose, and it’s not only sanctioned but rewarded.

Robert Wenzel’s ‘David’ Speech Crushes Federal Reserve’s ‘Goliath’ Dream  A nice pimp slap of BB brain and co.

The Neuroscience of Habits: How They Form and How to Change Them [Excerpt]



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