Pseudo Random News and Comment

Did the Division of Labor Create Consciousness? I think only indirectly. The increased complexity and necessity of social interactions put a great deal of pressure on what we now think of as consciousness to detect all the lying, cheating and stealing that was made possible. A Trivers-flavored interpretation.

Hugh Hendry Is Back – Full Eclectica Letter I agree with him on many things but reach the conclusions by a different route in a number of cases. Always an interesting read.

A good day for more thoughtful pieces – The Net vs. The Power of Narratives

Parents’ poor math skills may lead to medication errors Is it really that bad? No matter how many reminders I get I still seem to give people too much credit.

Big Data’s Big Problem: Little Talent  Wait, if the promise is to use the entire population of data there’s no need for statistics. In any case using statistics to predict human behavior is a fool’s errand.

Disruptions: With No Revenue, an Illusion of Value A great reminder to always consider why the other guy is willing to sell to you.

Keeping Secrets Weighs You Down, Literally No wonder gossip spreads so fast. It really is a weight off your mind.

How Overpriced is US Health Insurance? Doesn’t really address what is covered by the insurance.

Chinese Web giant Sina admits slow application of microblog rules, fears new government crackdown

Chen escape sparks China round-up. The inevitable is underway.

For all would-be entrepreneurs, whether or not you ever need funding you still need to be able to answer these questions. Be Concise! – The Top Questions Asked At A Y Combinator Interview

Great roundup on one of the coolest areas of neuroscience – Who’s in charge – you or your brain?  Hint: It’s rarely you.

Wealth Inequality – Spitznagel Gets It, Krugman Doesn’t  The latter  is hardly surprising since even on a good day his thinking is still roughly as deep as a Texas mud puddle in July.

A Gold Standard? Jim Grant addressing the Fed, with a plethora of historical examples. Hard to imagine a more hostile audience.

MPAA Boss ‘Forgets’ Hollywood’s Pirate History  Loss of memory can be very convenient. Just ask all the government officials who have used “I have no recollection of that.”


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