Pseudo Random News and Comment

Starting a family does not encourage parents to eat healthier  Because a) life as they knew it is over so what’s the point, and b) they therefore need a lot of comfort food.

Research challenges idea raising aspirations is key to education success There are so many elements which are vital to achievement that focusing on a single one is hopeless. Delaying gratification and self-control would be a better place to start.

Breastfeeding is associated with a healthy infant gut I wondered where the little buggers picked up those little bugs. The symbiotic relationship with bacteria is getting more and more interesting.

I think this qualifies as good news. Yellowstone ‘super-eruption’ less super, more frequent than thought

Air France Flight 447: ‘Damn It, We’re Going to Crash’  A good point about design generally. One of my pet peeves is programmers/analysts who expect users to do what they’re supposed to do.

Research suggests breast-fed infants metabolize perchlorate  Can adults get the same protective effect?

Newer, more expensive psoriasis drugs only slightly more effective than older therapies under real world conditions  I hope they are more effective in transplantation, but this isn’t too promising.

Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers. They must delegate compassion to god.

Cost study shows timing crucial in appendectomies Regardless what science decides on the wisdom of appendectomies, being paid a flat amount per diagnosis means there won’t be any wait and see being done because it costs more.

Multitasking may hurt your performance, but it makes you feel better  That’s why I listen to music when doing everything. I feel better about my mediocrity.

Italian merchants funded England’s discovery of North America  The next time someone mentions decoupling, and you know they will sooner or later, remember this.

A new glimpse into ancient human history  Given the first farmers were shorter, sicker, died sooner and had less free time it’s no surprise it wasn’t an easy sale.

Diamond implants are forever Sounds promising, in a decade or two.

Leonardo da Vinci’s real body of work was anatomy, claims new exhibition For a dead guy it’s amazing how much smarter he’s getting.

When I see things like this I keep wondering how rents or house prices are supposed to keep rising. Credit cards?  ”Real” Disposable Income Per Capita: Still Flatlining

Dogs, But Not Wolves, Use Humans As Tools  Like the one I saw yesterday that was making his owner carry him while her similarly sized child was forced to walk next to her.

If you are looking to profit from the demise of the human race, here’s a list of potential makers of our robot overlords. The Robot Stock List

Pair of graphene papers retracted  Just been too hot a topic for this to be avoided.

Investor Sentiment: It’s All Good, but…  Latest on the dumb and smart investor indices.

Helpful reminder on the inevitability of stagflation if printing money is continued for long enough. What Is The Consequence Of Printing Money That Nobody Wants?

Since much of the funny money has been flowing into emerging markets I think China is going to be losing ground in the fraud competition. ‘Irregularities’ found by Adidas

But they are going to have to work to beat this – ‘It still has real value’

Google staff knew of Street View data breach, says FCC  No freaking sh!t. The necessary software and hardware for WiFi snooping doesn’t just spontaneously assemble itself (at least not yet).

Effect of steroid-free low concentration calcineurin inhibitor maintenance immunosuppression regimen on renal allograft histopathology and function Surprisingly good, at least in this study.

House NA / Sou Fujimoto Architects I wouldn’t want to live there but it would be great if a hot neighbor did. Maybe work out a streaming video deal.

Skype Reveals Remote and Local IP Address Of All Online Users

Don’t be this “trader” For some reason I think this trader’s initials are ZH.

Microsoft Makes $300M Investment In New Barnes & Noble Subsidiary To Battle With Amazon And Apple In E-books  Cool, a WinNook is definitely going to be easy to root.

Small spec becomes the big long in S&P futures — Oct. 2007 revisited  Ouch

Not all altruism is alike, says new study

Machine Politics -cool piece on Geohot, Sony and Anonymous.

Antimicrobial resistance for common urinary tract infections drug increases five fold since 2000  Oops.

Darwinian selection continues to influence human evolution  The agricultural revolution caused widespread changes in the genome, so this is quite interesting. Doesn’t take a revolution to impose selection pressures.


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