Pseudo Random News and Comment

Studies may offer clarity on mammograms  Or maybe not. Some interesting numbers on false positives and an argument for long overdue more personalized recommendations.

A new study of Sardinian men finds height is a factor in longevity  Size does matter, and in this case bigger is not better. How you use it is pretty important in life as well.

Sometimes studies sound especially stupid: Two studies find Botox injections help reduce nighttime teeth grinding, and this more subtle one – Children with juvenile arthritis have higher rates of bacterial infection. So, paralysis stops teeth grinding and immunosuppression causes infections. Thanks guys.

The bright side of death: Awareness of mortality can result in positive behaviors

Researchers find potential ‘dark side’ to diets high in beta-carotene  More than just turning you orange.

Wikipedia founder to help in government’s research scheme  If this trend toward open research continues it will mark the beginning of the greatest era of scientific progress in the history of humanity. Though there have been uncounted numbers of people whose efforts got us to where we are today, as a percent of the total population they have been remarkably few. Greater information sharing offers the opportunity to increase that percentage.

RIM guarantees developers will make $10,000 on their ‘certified’ BlackBerry 10 apps in first year  There are a few restrictions, unfortunately.

 Medicare penalty appears to drive hospital infection prevention efforts  I’ve been out of healthcare for a number of years so I didn’t know they had been rewarding higher hospital infection rates, though it’s hardly surprising. I guess supporters of even greater government involvement in healthcare think more rules and regulations will lead to better outcomes in the same way that more laws are supposed to make you safer.

The hidden cost of cannabis  If it were legal you wouldn’t get arrested for having a high electric bill so there would be less incentive to steal electricity.

Improved adult-derived human stem cells have fewer genetic changes than expected  On one hand this is good news, but on the other it will no doubt be used to defend current stem cell restrictions on the basis that they do little harm.

Weight loss led to reduction in inflammation  Gradually moving from correlation to causation on this front.

New study challenges current thinking on risk factors for contrast induced nephrotoxicity  The challenges of data interpretation. It’s not hard to see how this happened since diabetes is highly correlated with the true drivers, but it was still faulty logic.

Effects of loneliness mimic aging process. Interesting result but potentially a great number of confounding variables. Loneliness and aging are inevitably linked to some degree. If you live long enough everyone you know and love will die. That’s pretty lonely.

Longer sleep times may counteract genetic factors related to weight gain  Time for a nap.

Goddammit they lost it again! A sample of one was a bit on the low side. G-Spot Discovered? Not So Fast!  Sure glad this doesn’t happen with penises.

Mac botnet generated $10,000 a day for Flashback gang. Based on that I guess RIM needs to up the ante to attract the real development talent.

Spy-High: Amateur Astronomers Scour the Sky for Government Secrets I always like these amateur one upping the establishment stories.

10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You. But really should. An excellent list.

This Is What a Kickstarter Scam Looks Like. Really quite a testament to humanity that there haven’t been many more.

Junk-Rated Companies Showered With Loans  Not a good sign on the inflation front that all that money is starting to show up in the US economy. Also not a sign of a bottom in any sense.

Potentially more money on the way – Australia in shock 0.5% rate cut

Should people accept that pressure is a fact of life? Covers a bit on the science of choking too.

Service Automates Boobytrapping of Hacked Sites

Synthetic stool a prospective treatment for C. difficile  This sounds much more glamorous than standard fecal transplants, which are hardly something to brag about on the back 9.

Google Offers Big-Data Analytics

Global Payments Breach Window Expands

Religion riskier than porn for online viruses: study  LOL, maybe the users are just more gullible.


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