Pseudo Random News and Comment

The SEC is hard at work protecting you – from a rating agency that was doing its job. Sean Egan’s Mistake Was Seeking U.S. Government Blessing

Sensitive beasts  Even cockroaches are now social. It must be a top.

This Is the First Time In History that All Central Banks Have Printed Money at the Same Time … And They’re Failing Miserably  What’s that definition of insanity again? Technically there has never been a time when they weren’t all printing money, the unique thing is the rapidity.

A practical approach to avoiding the regrets of the dying. The Top of My To Do List.

“Facebook provides a reliable platform to leverage that insight at scale.” As a rule of thumb, more jargon = less knowledge. I’m not going to flat-out say the guy who said that should be fired, but probably.

Once again patents being used to thwart a better tomorrow. Future of Lighting Plays Out in Iowa Town, Global Courts

Excellent piece on money and its misuse.  How Do You Keep Score?

Apparently I need bigger eyes on my mountain descents. Eye size determined by maximum running speed in mammals

I am not a fan of government-run schooling but this is still a nice real world application. Game theory, in the real world

Amazon Gets Into the Sitcom Business The march to world domination continues.

Chen Guangcheng left US embassy ‘after threats made against his wife’  Is he really so stupid he didn’t see this coming before? Something doesn’t smell right about this. Perhaps a US-China deal was worked out to force a “resolution.”

America’s “Safest Long Term Investment” Is Gold – Gallup  That should be the end of any bull market in gold.

Megaupload Prosecution Is Lawless and Unconstitutional, Law Professor Says

Cybercrime as a Tragedy of the Commons

‘Iceman Oetzi’ lived for a while after arrow wound  Probably looking for the person who shot him. Where’s his wife?

Pacifiers Won’t Make Newborns Shun Breast  I would’ve thought breastfeeding advocates would be the last ones to think that.


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