Pseudo Random News and Comment

OMFG! Biggest news of the century – Vogue bans too-skinny models from its pages

The highway to hell –  Currency Debasement and Social Collapse

This is so painfully familiar – How to get a good night’s sleep: Earplugs in the intensive care unit ward off confusion

Pork Order May Peak Odor  – I wonder if you can modify your antiperspirant use to maximize attractiveness based on these same genes.

Solomon Islands ‘blond’ gene is found: study  – No mention if there is enhanced reproductive success for the blonds, but 10% isn’t bad in a fairly limited period of time.

Scientists invent dental fillings that kill bacteria and remineralize the tooth

World’s 10 Strongest Banks (by Nation) Definitely worth keeping in mind.

I had no idea sunlight had any influence on myopia – East Asians short-sighted for snubbing outdoors: study

A new economic indicator? Tainted dog food sickens 14 people in US

Return of the Clap  Coming to a college or senior center near you. For the ones in the middle probably some speed dating venue.

Tampon-Shaped USB Drive  Used would be more secure. Duh.

This is making some pharmaceutical company very happy. Low testosterone levels could raise diabetes risk for men

The Science of Medicine may want to see this one – Scientific evidence proves why healers see the ‘aura’ of people  Quacks may have synesthesia.  Or maybe the ethical part of their brain is just damaged.

Experts unlike ruling in Facebook speech case Another stupid ruling. They were hired to promote the candidates cause so should be able to be fired for not doing that whether in their private lives or not, since it was a public forum. Not because that isn’t speech, which it clearly is.

The Crashing US Housing Metro Areas FYI, it’s not all rosy.

Exclusive: How Obama’s Early Career Success Was Built on Fronting for Chicago Real Estate and Finance  In Chicago if that’s all there is he’s a choir boy.

Mice That Eat Yogurt Have Larger Testicles  Not just bigger, but better too. Plus silkier fur if you’re into that (on their bodies, not in their closets).

A bit of clarification on the 21% stock bankruptcy number. It’s a rather odd use of the term. (Source)

“When defining stock bankruptcy as a stock with more than 100 days of trading records whose price drops more than 20% during the previous 100 trading days, 4,223 (21%) of all stocks became bankrupt during that period. (Somewhat surprisingly, nearly two-thirds [13,249] of all stocks disappeared from the market during this period due to delisting and mergers and acquisitions, in addition to bankruptcy.)”

CALEA is the gift that keeps on giving – FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites — now

Chen Guangcheng can apply to study abroad, China says  Hopefully he’s smart enough to take that offer before they make one he can’t refuse.

The Great Fall of China  There are a number of statements in this that could just as easily be said of a Western superpower:

“They have kept society stable by bribing the society, in effect by buying the people,”

“…China’s economic miracle will fade because the security-obsessed government will continue to resist the creative destruction that is crucial to innovation, and because the concentration of power at the top will produce spasms of instability as factions fight for victory and its spoils.”

“…a culture of greed, violence, and deceit at the highest levels of government. The Communists’ power is not in imminent danger, but their legitimacy is.”

RIAA Behind US Government’s Failed Domain Name Seizure  A somewhat illegitimate use of power.



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