The Direct Route

After a recent compliment about the site I was trying to figure out what on earth had impressed them and I stumbled upon this, from a footnote in Part 2 of my series on intuitive trading, which I think deserves more emphasis (it refers to a section on internal conflicts):

In fact it’s possible you may give up trading entirely as a result of becoming more congruent with yourself. There may be more important things to you, or you may find it’s not really what you like to do after all. As I tried to point out in the posts on Temporal Spatial Arbitrage there are many ways to get from point A to point B. Trading is only one. If you want a ton of money so you can retire and lay on a tropical beach, why not just quit work, sell the house, move to the beach, and when you need money, just make some? If you have what it takes to succeed in the market you can almost certainly make money a number of ways, almost anywhere in the world. Do you really think that sounds more difficult than competing against the best minds in the world to make money in the markets? If you think you need money to be happy, why not just be happy now? Take the direct route, there’s no better trade.

By accident this is probably the most condensed version of the idea of Temporal Spatial Arbitrage I’ve come up with. All investing methods involve a view of the world. That view is composed of assumptions, biases and beliefs which are filters imposed on a broader reality. Those filters organize and simplify things to facilitate understanding and action, but they also preclude alternative views. The standard ways of looking at things – from careers to trading to relationships – all prevent perceiving the non-standard, which are often the best opportunities.


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