Pseudo Random News and Comment

Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What?  Rethinking computer security

Leave only footprints: how Google’s ethical ignorance gets it in trouble – good background on the Streetview wardriving fiasco.

You haven’t signed that DNR order? Don’t worry, government doctors will take care of that for you. Care homes warned to discuss ‘do not resuscitate’ forms with families

Multiple thought channels may help brain avoid traffic jams  But I thought multitasking decreased performance….

Eye color may indicate risk for serious skin conditions. Not that surprising but still interesting.

Unblocking The Pirate Bay The Hard Way Is Fun For Geeks

Field Tests for Revised Psychiatric Guide Reveal Reliability Problems for Two Major Diagnoses.  Reliability is very important in medicine, but what does that have to do with psychiatry? Bunch of cashectomizing quacks. No concern whatsoever over the consequences of false positives when a kappa of 0.2-04 “could be accepted.” Easy to see why the author walked out.


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