Pseudo Random News and Comment

As A Tribute To MCA: Can We Stop The War On Sampling? I hope so. As this great 4 part video series emphasizes – Everything is a remix.

Including software – Confused Jury Says Google Infringed On Oracle’s Copyright, Sorta, But Maybe Not  What a waste of time for everyone involved, especially the two companies who should be spending their time doing something useful.

Google+ Hangouts On Air: broadcast your conversation to the world Live net-work news.

Habitual flavonoid intakes are positively associated with bone mineral density in women.  What are good sources of flavonoids? Red wine and dark chocolate!

This Time is Different….This is Not What You Think  Nice summary of the current state of affairs.

Lenovo breaks ground on $800M mobile devices facility  Sooner or later nobody will be making money in mobile devices.

Overweight? New research explains how proper sleep is important for healthy weight  I’ve lost count how many studies have come out on this subject recently. May put a new spin on freshman weight gain in college.

Online retailers, shipping companies give minors access to alcohol, study finds  What about credit cards and bank accounts? Can’t pay cash online so right off the bat you know this story is way overblown.

Bacteria in our bodies may outnumber our own cells for a number of good reasons – Gut flora affects maturation of B cells in infants

Happiness model developed by MU researcher could help people go from good to great  Defeating hedonic adaptation.

Skin cancer increasingly common in teens and young adults Given the lag in onset and diagnosis this may get even worse.

Researchers say step closer to meningitis B vaccine  My father almost died from meningitis when he was young and I still remember him talking seeing pigs dancing on his bed in the hospital and being infuriated that nobody was doing anything about it.

Picking the brains of strangers helps make sense of online information Could be quite useful. Not sure how easily translated my thought processes would be, since to me everything is related to everything else.

Separating signal from noise in living cells Maybe adding more noise would work too.

Exclusive: Publisher sues Tumblr over porn pics (Update)  With mass torrent lawsuits running into a variety of legal problems sooner or later the search for revenue enhancement by picking deep pockets had to come to the fore.

How to Beat the Market, and Why Most Investors Don’t  Like the song says, It ain’t easy.

Quest for the connectome: scientists investigate ways of mapping the brain  It’s going to be a while before algorithmic trading can beat the complexity and variability of the brain.

Is Global Real Estate Still in a Bubble?  Yes, and so is the US.

Plausibility bias? You say that as though that were a bad thing! I suppose in an ideal world with unlimited time and resources all ideas would be tested with equal rigor, but we don’t live there and things need to be whittled down somehow. Prior plausibility sure beats a coin toss.

Pirate island attracts more than 100 startup tenants  I like the idea but if this catches on I’d want to be on board about as much as I’d want to be on the Titanic. They’ll need better defensive capability than any existing ship to stay afloat.


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