Pseudo Random News and Comment

Psychologists reveal how emotion can shut down high-level mental processes without our knowledge  More on the interaction between thought and emotion in the mind. Withholding information from yourself.

Two Cell Transplantation studies impact dental stem cell research for therapeutic purposes

Use it or lose it links of the day: Physical activity linked to reduced mortality in breast and colon cancer patients and Exercise slows muscle wasting from age and heart failure

Google Is My Pilot: Nevada Gambles on Self-Driving Cars My dream is getting closer.

Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes

A stock called comedy. The joke is on someone or other… Another China scam. This time with a less than subtle exit plan.

Twitter Challenges Court Ruling That Twitter Users Have No Standing To Protect Their Own Account Info  About the only big internet company to put up much of a fight over customer privacy rights.

British woman makes marathon history in bionic suit  This is pretty big milestone for me. I’ve lived to see the bionic woman come to life.

China’s Government Self-Immolation Progresses As We Expected

Are women with a history of violent experiences more likely to have risky sex? In a dangerous environment it would make sense to jump on the breeding bandwagon while you still can, and better not to notify the pilot of the course modification since they might overrule.

Many US families are underwater with debts: study Just doing their part to stimulate the economy like their leaders keep demanding. What could be wrong with that? Also a good demonstration of human inability to predict their future actions. In 2009 only 1.9% thought they would fall behind on their mortgages. 1.7% think so now and I doubt they are any better forecasters.

Cutting calories before cutting in surgery  Rather surprising it would have a positive result on surgical recovery.

Bad Lawsuit, Worse Timing: Beastie Boys Sued Over Infringing Samples On Seminal Albums. Jesus what a bunch of slack-jawed simians. I especially like that digital analysis was required to detect the “crime.”

Trailer for The Dictator. SBC is back.

Creepy People Leave You Cold  Literally!

Free calling hits the Crackberry. Sometime soon anyway, and only a few years too late.

Maurice Sendak, father of the Wild Things, dies at 83

Science Remains a Stranger to Psychiatry’s New Bible  Hallucinations suffer from the same inconsistent identification problem. I find that very interesting

Long Term Secular Cycles on S&P  Still a lot of flushing out to do on the clogged toilet of the economy.

Gaseous emissions from dinosaurs may have warmed prehistoric earth. I’ve joked about this for years but it’s even funnier that it may be true.

The Scientific Flaws of Online Dating Sites  I’ve had an idea to do an online dating site that would use a “stink-jet” printer to allow you to smell the person before taking the leap of meeting them. Too many concerns about number of scent components and shelf life to go ahead with it.

At the Crossroads of eThieves and Cyberspies  Accomplishing the synergies merging CEO’s are always talking about but almost never deliver.

Apple & Samsung’s Patent Nuclear War: 50 Lawsuits In 10 Countries In 1 Year  Simply spectacular waste of resources.

A hopeful view of our overlords.

Graphing Groupon’s Grotesque Governance And “Growth”  Compared to China, America is so second-rate in its corporate scams.

Psychopathy linked to specific structural abnormalities in the brain  Someday we may be able to screen all political candidates and CEOs!

Mouse study links delayed female sexual maturity to longer lifespan  Makes the new normal of pre-teen puberty look like a very bad deal.

Free business idea – Million Dollar Idea (Tax Harvesting)


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