Pseudo Random News and Comment

Cool! We may find out who won in the 2004 Olympics. International Olympic Committee may retest 2004 samples  Good thing the samples are being destroyed or there might be no contestants left in another decade.

QOTD: Gundlach Explains His Aloofness  A friend once pointed out to me that the worst thing you can do to someone is to feel absolutely nothing about them. It’s so true.

People praying online are more likely to pray for themselves Wait, god has a website? Is it .com or .org?

Beijing to get rid of 1,200 polluting enterprises  Not sure this is the best solution. It appears in other countries rioting unemployed people are significant polluters as well.

Sexual orientation has ‘in between’ groups, study shows !? I thought this had long been acknowledged.

The new standard for usability – Orangutans at Miami zoo use iPads to communicate

Study: Children tend to perceive obese physicians as less likeable, credible

Hot sauce ingredient reduces ‘beer belly’ fat as a weight-loss surgery alternative  This smells like garbage science, but it sure tastes good.

First study investigating possible link between sunscreen ingredient and endometriosis  Pick your poison is seems to be the end point of every attempt to tinker with biology. Prevent skin cancer, suffer from low vitamin D levels and get endometriosis.

Congress: The TSA Is Wasting Hundreds Of Millions In Taxpayer Dollars  That’s some damned expensive theater. I never like the show when I see it either.

Citi’s Buiter On Plan Z: Unleash The Helicopter Money I can only shake my head.

DDOS attack: Ustream down, Bambuser under heavy load  Guess Putin doesn’t like protests marring his coronation. This was apparently targeting dissident Russian journalists.

FBI urges renewal of surveillance measures after foiled al-Qaida plot  But they apparently forgot to mention this:  ‘Underwear bomber’ was working for the CIA    It’s a great fundraising scheme.

Jim Grant: “The Fed Owns The Stock Market”  “I blame the central bankers for confusing the black art of central planning with the traditional art of central banking.”  That’s an interesting distinction but, rather like intentional and unintentional homicide, it really makes no difference to the victim.

Which birds sing first in the dawn chorus? – interactive  I was thinking about this the other morning. For mating purposes you would want to do a solo, but predation risks favor a huge chorus. Online dating is so much better as far as predation.

Prison inmate takes primary votes from Obama in West Virginia. LOL. I guess Romney can now say he’s polling 10% better than a prison inmate versus Obama. For a politician that may actually be pretty good.

Did Apple’s Claims Over Rectangles And Corners Lead To ‘The First Smartphone Designed Entirely By Lawyers’? I can’t believe this crap. If I draw a black border around the edge of the yellow pad next to me I am evidently infringing on Apple’s IP. But my yellow pad resolution is better since it’s just as good as reality – and 3D. Call my lawyers!!

Maybe they should read this: What Is and Is Not A Technology Company,  because patent lawsuits don’t make you a tech company either. For that matter fashion isn’t protected and that’s really what Apple is.

Honeywell’s Lawsuit Against Nest: The Perfect Example Of Legacy Players Using Patents To Stifle Innovation

Sina Weibo to introduce ‘user contract’ on May 28 as China’s microblog crackdown continues [Updated]  A fancier version of the 3 strikes anti-piracy rules in the West. Except that anything the West does is of course good, by definition.

Group Selection Makes a Comeback  Well, except that none of the examples require group selection to increase their frequency in a population. I really wonder if this whole debate is over semantics because it’s hard to believe people can’t grasp this.

Chinese Architect Comments on “Dark Apartments”, Vacancies, Residential Malinvestment  My own estimate on the main drag from the airport in Beijing last fall was around 70% vacancy, though poor lighting, particularly in common areas, made estimation more difficult than elsewhere.


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