Pseudo Random News and Comment

FBI: Updates Over Public ‘Net Access = Bad Idea Sure glad they pointed that out. I never would have guessed public internet access could be dangerous.

But when we do it it’s A-OK. Fears of spying hinder China Mobile license

Only half of meds taken by kids have ‘adequate’ safety info: study  Until we’re willing to kill a few kids, pregnant women and fetuses in clinical trials this will always be an issue.

Hunting for bomb-eating bugs  One can only hope that this goes so wildly wrong that bombs all over the world are stealthily eaten and the next war will have to be cancelled due to lack of weapons.

Massive Active Fault Found beneath Japan’s Mount Fuji  At least they didn’t build a nuclear plant on Mt Fuji too.

Nice review of the evidence in the recent deadly dental x-ray story – Dental X-rays and Brain Tumors — Oh My!  You’ll have to find some other excuse for not going to the dentist now. Plus it’s hypocritical to keep using your cell phone while you’re worrying about this.

Why Are There No Biological Tests in Psychiatry?  The simple answer is because in most cases they aren’t diseases that can be physically detected but simple deviations from the mythical mean.

Three-quarters of smartphone owners use location-based services  That’s going to make it so much easier for the snipers.

China’s Big Banks Look More Like Paper Tigers  To save you some time I’d like to point out that Russia’s, India’s, Brazil’s, Australia’s, Japan’s….and everyone else’s banks are paper tigers as well. They are designed to fail when people want their money back.

Chen Guangcheng’s nephew charged with voluntary manslaughter  This took a while given he attacked a local official.

Iran’s Internet Filters Filter Out Leader’s Screed Against Getting Around Filters

A few on JPM and Jamie Dimon’s sudden loss of brilliance. These guys aren’t in it for charitable reasons and they don’t get ginormous bonuses for actually hedging, so….

What Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Know Is Plain Scary

Long and the Short of JPMorgan

Imperfect, OverReaching, Bonus-Driven Bankers

In war for talent, ‘brogrammers’ will be losers  We can always hope.

Verizon Refuses to Identify Alleged BitTorrent Pirates  New differentiation strategy?

SOPA Supporters Urge White House To Use Secretive TPP Process To Insert Draconian New IP Laws  True backdoor men at work.

Your Canary In the Trading Room  Excellent sermon on protecting what you have before you start trying to piss it away in the markets.

Underwear bomb plot: British and US intelligence rattled over leaks  Of course they are, they revealed that they’re the terrorists in these supposed plots which are mysteriously prevented. But now that pornscanners are in place, they aren’t going to go away regardless. Besides we’d otherwise have to take our underwear off and fly nude. In most cases I really don’t want to see that.


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