Pseudo Random News and Comment

House at Tanglewood / Schwartz/Silver Architects  Curious what the weight limit is on the cantilevered section.

Mark Twain: Copyright Maximalist Who Also Believed That Nearly All Human Utterances Were Plagiarism?  Based on the text I lean toward the satire interpretation.

Bookstores Can Still Compete By Combining Traditional Strengths With Smart Innovations  How to save bookstores. Not big box ones.

MPAA: We’re No Pirates! You Are Thieves! Or?  Dodd: “…the ability to give birth to an idea and convert it into economic success, whether it is the content of a film or the technology of the internet, depends on copyright and patent protection,”  Why is it the government’s business which particular industry or individual succeeds? In this case, media companies benefit, everyone else is harmed. Why – other than large campaign contributions – should one be favored over another?

First, second kidney transplants have similar success: study  Hooray, both fail similarly.

Fine fodder for the conspiracy theorists – US spy agency can keep mum on Google ties: court

Gene therapy for hearing loss: Potential and limitations  The limitation is cancer – but you might be able to clearly hear the doctor deliver the bad news.

As a commenter says, “Wrong!!”  PBS lists Top Ten Buildings that Changed America

Post-SES implantation, statins prevent late revascularization  Curious if the same combo might work for diabetic retinopathy

Ancient Diseases of Human Ancestors  Interesting – and actually point out the issues with the dating method.

Alan Greenspan Asked for Advice, Do People Ever Learn?  This is why i always called him the world’s greatest hypocrite.


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