Pseudo Random News and Comment

Scientists successfully test first gene therapy against aging-associated decline  Very cool – getting closer to my old idea of a virus whose disease is longevity.

How to minimize stroke damage The little things can make a big difference.

Religion replenishes self-control  There is considerable evidence that self-control is trainable so I suppose this works through the perceived delegation of responsibility decreasing the cognitive work load.

A walk in the park gives mental boost to people with depression  Works well when you’re not depressed too. Especially on the monkey bars.

SEX: New study finds ovulating women perceive sexy cads as good dads  This example of self-deception should make Robert Trivers happy.

Listen Up People, My Uncle Is Out Of Gold & Wants to Buy…   Jesus, I was thinking bonds would rally more in the near term on the EU->China->Rest of the world implosion trade.

To avoid pain during an injection, look away In my experience, staying relaxed is more important than whether I look or not.

Begin early: Researchers say water with meals may encourage wiser choices

Bacteria study of male adolescents reveals new insights into urinary tract health Why wouldn’t men have bacterial colonization too? Almost seems like men didn’t like to think about it so assumed it didn’t exist.

Umbilical cord can save lives  Wow, don’t be so quick to cut.

Economic growth in China has not meant greater life satisfaction for Chinese people: long-term study  Being very status hungry isn’t helping them at all.

What Eduardo Saverin Owes America (Hint: Nearly Everything)  So when you leave a neighborhood that is relatively safe due to the protection rackets being run by violent gangs, you owe them still more when you decide to leave? Ummmm, no.

An explanation of Jamie Dimon’s success? Looks matter more than reputation when it comes to trusting people with our money

More support for my consciousness is an illusion view – Brain oscillations reveal that our senses do not experience the world continuously

Barack Obama, the Great Deceiver  Naked Capitalism takes off the gloves and serves up a decent knuckle sandwich to a bad BO.

China Eyes New Market Opening  Start with unrealistic return assumptions, add ZIRP to put more pressure on pension managers (who are routinely suckered by whatever garbage Wall St is pitching), and now add the “opportunity” to invest in China – where working illegal deals amidst a morass of bureaucratic rules has been honed for 5000 years. It’s not going to be pretty.

Adaptive Asset Allocation: A True Revolution in Portfolio Management  I’d rather see the data go back to 1965 than 1995 but still an instructive example.

SEX Part 2: Unhappy bunnies as burglars take sex toys worth £11,000 According to the authorities, “It would be quite difficult for the thieves to sell on these items in any great quantity…”  I’m very curious what basis they have for this statement. Taking a peek in their wives’ other drawers might be an eye-opening experience for them.

The Inflation of Life – Cost of Raising a Child Has Soared Illustrates why I call children Negative Cash Flow Units.


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