Pseudo Random News and Comment

Seth Klarman On The Absurd Short-Termism Of The Exuberant Rally  Always a good read (and the book is available in pdf form online if you search so save your $1000).

This is just too odd – Colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy may be used to predict Parkinson’s  A good excuse for having your head up your ass.

Do Psychedelics Expand the Mind by Reducing Brain Activity?  so it’s really expanding your mind via contraction.

A public service announcement. Binge drinking increases risk of later sexual assault for first-year female college students

Nice overview. Hedging and Proprietary Trading

More bad news from the gray-hair indicator – It’s Not a Frenzy Until the Old People Lose Their F***ing Minds

RISUG: Birth Control for Men  Since you can bribe your way to approval in India I’m guessing this will be approved there regardless.

Nigerian state sees mass weddings as solution to soaring divorce rate  I don’t mean to pick on any particular set of beliefs (there’s only so much time in the day), but this set is pretty rich. I see it as a general critique of regulations too.

If You Meet A Censor, Ask Why They Haven’t Become Moral Degenerates Themselves  Good question, but the answer is obviously moral superiority.

Empowering the Body to Fix Its Parts  Excellent summary of current stem cell research.

Is Cash the New Black?  The top 1% love cash. Me too, at least until something better comes along.

Disturbing how effective the propaganda effort has been.Fearmongering About Cyberwar And Cybersecurity Is Working: American Public Very, Very Afraid

Not-So-Quick Fix: ADHD Behavioral Therapy May Be More Effective Than Drugs in Long Run  Curiously, behavioral therapy doesn’t work for cancer so which is really a disease?

Very Few Companies Fight Back Against Patriot Act Gag Orders

.Pirate Domains Now Available Through OpenNic  See the last paragraph for the interesting bit.

US Government Gets 10% Royalty On ‘Passion Of The Christ’ Prequel In Plea Deal With Mexican Drug Smuggler  Hard to tell which actors in this drama are the “real” gangsters.

Very cool. Tracking down communications channels between bugs and body. Microbiota/Host Crosstalk Biomarkers: Regulatory Response of Human Intestinal Dendritic Cells Exposed to Lactobacillus Extracellular Encrypted Peptide

For the Venn Geeks out there – VENNTURE–A Novel Venn Diagram Investigational Tool for Multiple Pharmacological Dataset Analysis

Plasticity of Adult Human Pancreatic Duct Cells by Neurogenin3-Mediated Reprogramming

What Are Science’s Ugliest Experiments?  Barely scratched the surface but it’s a start.

Methylating Your Muscle DNA  Interesting possible explanation of altered physiology for hours and even days after intensive exercise.

The Trouble with Airport Profiling  Excellent reminder of what’s actually effective.

Attention Frustrated Chartists: It ain’t HFT – it’s the Macro!  I totally agree with this. None of the sharp moves have been against the trend or character of the market (at least as I identify it).

Facebook’s worst idea yet: Paid post promotion  If this is what Zuckerberg means about focusing on the product I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Is China entering a debt deflation?   After blowing a bubble any decrease in the rate of money/credit creation means a bust is on the way. They currently qualify.

Drugs from lizard saliva reduces the cravings for food  Of course it does, because otherwise they’ll make you eat more lizard saliva.


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