Pseudo Random News and Comment

Holy pragmatism Batman! Baseboards! S. Roque House I / Bruno Armando Gomes Marques  Surprising given the exterior style.

When you eat matters: Study offers drug-free intervention to prevent obesity, diabetes  Confined to eating during an 8 hour period each day. Probably harder than it sounds.

Research shows how to increase mental wellbeing and feel happy  Jumping up and down, irritating the more sullen with your ebullience, apparently makes you even happier.

Another reason group selection is an answer in search of a question, as well as a good tie in with deception detection/arms race theories for human brain size. Evolution of Cooperation Driven by Reputation-Based Migration

Proof that voters are relatively mindless, as they’d have to be to think it would make any real difference. Election Turnout Statistics in Many Countries: Similarities, Differences, and a Diffusive Field Model for Decision-Making

Mapping Connectivity Damage in the Case of Phineas Gage  Many people view movies, books, blogs, or children as a means of achieving some measure of immortality but Mr. Gage continues to demonstrate that alternative means can be quite effective. But I’m still going to hold off on blowing a metal rod through my head until all other paths have been exhausted.

Your China news summary – China links  It’s not looking good.

A bearish bear’s bear view – China real estate unravels

Money is fleeing China

Is misconduct more likely in drug trials than in other biomedical research?  Money talks, even when compensation isn’t necessarily directly based on the results.

DOJ Argues Forcefully For Your Right To Photograph And Videotape Law Enforcement  This must be an election year stunt since it’s so completely out of character.  They apparently want people to be able to film their own extralegal executions.

Research Shows Little Relationship Between Stricter IP Laws And Innovation Or Economic Growth Duh. China’s growth numbers haven’t been entirely garbage.

Facebook Takes Aim at Cross-Browser ‘LilyJade’ Worm  An odd, yet pretty inventive business plan. The creator may in fact not be doing anything wrong, though many customers undoubtedly are.

Higher pain tolerance in athletes may hold clues for pain management  I’ve always felt it was a matter of definition. What’s defined as pain starts at a greater level of intensity.

Brett Scott: The Safe Deposit Box – Creating a Financial Wikileaks  I think uncurated is the way to go for leaks. Use a crowd-sourced review/rating system to float the higher quality releases up to the top. Avoids the issue of having to trust a pre-publication reviewer not to sell you out.

New HTC Phones Stopped At Customs Due To Apple Patent Fight  I’m not the only one to think they are acting like scared little punks.

AIA: Architecture Billings Index indicates contraction in April

Take it easy with those supplements! Resveratrol Exerts Dosage and Duration Dependent Effect on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Development

Mechanics Regulates Fate Decisions of Human Embryonic Stem Cells  Very interesting.

Regardless Of What The Propaganda Says, This Is Not How A Free Society Treats People  Defense of Eduardo Saverin.

Unhurtful Thoughts: A Preoccupied Brain Produces Pain-Killing Compounds  Don’t bother me with the small stuff, I’m busy.

Global Payments Breach Now Dates Back to Jan. 2011  I can believe to some extent that ignorance is behind some corporate non-disclosure, but how many companies even consider telling the truth before issuing statements that are almost guaranteed to be proven false later?


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