Pseudo Random News and Comment

Very sad news, and a deserving appeal, from Mish. My Wife Joanne Has Passed Away; Stop and Smell the Lilacs

In case you hadn’t noticed – 2 Out Of 3 Countries Are In A Bear Market

Guest Post: The Face of Genocidal Eco-Fascism  People like this wingnut really don’t worry me. The dangerous ones present a polished image and say things you can believe in.

China’s April property prices  I hear a cracking noise…

China’s new housing starts turn negative

Why China’s RMB exodus IS the story  The mechanics of collapse in a distorted economy.

10 Life-Changing Decisions We Make Without Thinking  James Altucher on the big stuff.

Will the FHA require a bailout? – 12,000,000 underwater mortgages 3,000,000 are FHA insured loans  The alphabet soup of government mortgage intervention is going to result in a bailout of unbelievable proportions at some point. The rules have barely changed since the golden age of the housing bubble and they are >90% of the residential mortgage market. That’s big, and very stupid.

Science finally catches up. I knew this 45 years ago. Diabetes can take a toll on your emotions

The quality control at god’s factory is worse than previously realized. ‘Rare’ genetic variants are surprisingly common, life scientists report  When dealing with uncertainty it’s good to hedge your bets. Really hedge them, not taking more risk disguised as a hedge.

Reputation-Based Conditional Interaction Supports Cooperation in Well-Mixed Prisoner’s Dilemmas

Stuxnet-Like Viruses Remain a Top U.S. Security Risk  Most sentient analysts pointed out the risks of starting this sort of government sponsored attack when the Stuxnet virus was first discovered and the finger of blame was moving toward the US and Israel. It soon is in the wild and being used against you, intentionally or accidentally. Just like bioweapons.

Astrophysics retraction trail includes paper that plagiarized another already retracted for…plagiarism  As I mentioned in my post on cheating, doing it well requires some skill. These guys apparently didn’t have any.

To Enjoy Free Time, Forget Your Hourly Wage

Traveling Salesman: A Seemingly Unsolvable Problem Offers a Glimpse of the Limits of Computation

Even The Copyright Office Won’t Obey Rules That Don’t Make Sense In Reality  When laws diverge from the intuitive human sense of justice and morality there are going to be problems. IP and copyright laws clearly don’t match our sense of right and wrong because nobody has lost use of anything.

Brian Lund comes out of the closet. He’s an intuitive trader. How You’ll Know When A Tradable Bottom Is In Place

Expanding the Hygiene Hypothesis: Early Exposure to Infectious Agents Predicts Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity to Candida among Children in Kilimanjaro  field testing the hygiene hypothesis. Glad I played in the dirt a lot in the dawn of time before computers took over the world.

Oh yeah, Facebook went public today. Hopefully some people learned that using market orders can be a very bad thing, and that if everybody knows about something it’s probably not a good investment.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy life while you still can. Maybe cheer yourself up with a sandwich too.


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