Pseudo Random News and Comment

What Jamie Dimon Really Said: The CIA’s Take  On unknown subjects the methods used in this have fared poorly in controlled experiments. However, when there are a number of interactions and the motivations of the subject are reasonably well-known it can be quite illuminating.

Paper Tigers  Lengthy piece about the fate of the kids of Tiger Moms. Moderation in everything is probably a better choice. Except for exercise and sex of course.

Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy? Not really. The fault lies with our genes for the most part. Hormone replacement therapy could never address that.

Become A Safer Investor – Get Married  …and then lose the enhanced returns in a future divorce, because for other biological reasons you couldn’t keep it in your pants.

The Neuroscience of Effort  Fortunately it’s a short and easy read.

A quick summary of diffusion. I agree that adopting Facebook constitutes a hazard. How Things Get Popular

Chen Guangcheng has left China for US, say officials

Hollywood Talent Turns To Kickstarter To Escape ‘Institutional Censorship’  Another nail in the monolithic media coffin – and there are already a great many, though some have yet to notice.

PeakBook?  Speaking of diffusion, a very interesting graphs of Myspace vs Facebook

London Police To Extract Data From Suspects’ Mobile Phones — And Keep It Even If No Charges Are Brought

Cervical, Anal and Oral HPV in an Adolescent Inner-City Health Clinic Providing Free Vaccinations Should be enough to scare the pants back on any young man, though it probably won’t (more insidious genetic influence). STDs tend to come in combo platters too.

Images of Eyes Enhance Investments in a Real-Life Public Good  All sorts of real world applications possible with this, not just for the public good either.


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