Pseudo Random News and Comment

The real fun begins tomorrow at the Giro d’Italia with a stage over 4 passes in the Dolomites, finishing in Cortina d’Ampezza. (Cyclingnews)

Wissioming2 / Robert M. Gurney Architect  Nothing special about any particular element but all fits together well, and I like how the Mondrian inspired windows tie in with the surrounding trees in both interior and exterior views.

Do bald men face higher risk of prostate cancer?  Maybe so. The androgen theory makes sense so it wouldn’t be surprising.

How It feels to Blog sometimes. The existential angst of blogging (or, on the bright side, a concise template for composing posts).

Born to run barefoot? Some end up getting injured  The lead off anecdote is priceless. From zero to 6 miles in 3 weeks. He got injured. No kidding.

The Right Way to Try to Buy Happiness  More reasons not to waste your life on stupid stuff. Once you’re “wealthy” what have you really gotten? Guest Post: What Is Wealth?

Cycling may negatively affect male reproductive health, study finds  From the headline I thought this was going to be another stupid impotence story but it’s actually about hormonal imbalances – even from chamois creme.

How Facebook Fucked Up Its Own IPO  I think the biggest mistake was waiting too long. They missed the point of maximum insanity and waited until growth was showing signs of slowing. Once doubts start almost any screw up can have serious effects.

Influence of maternal sexual communication on adolescent risky sexual behaviors  In other words, don’t just talk about the juicy bits.

Antibiotics boost risk of infection with antifungal-resistant candida  More trouble from indiscriminate antibiotic use. Competition keeps a lot of critters in check.

The least surprising result ever – assholes prefer mean dogs. Study finds low agreeableness linked to a preference for aggressive dogs

Flu shot during pregnancy shows unexpected benefits in large study What’s an anti-vaccine dimwit to do with this?

Indian women turn to firearms against threat of violence  I don’t think a .22 is the best gang rape defense choice but it’s good to see they’re doing something in the land of setting women on fire over dowry disappointments.

Researchers present new findings for novel pancreatic cancer vaccine

Researchers spearhead groundbreaking research into treatment of brain swelling  Of course it’s patented to prevent life saving rapid technological dispersion.

The heart rules the head when we make financial decisions  All the more reason to learn how to do it right….maybe read my Quantitative Approach to Intuitive Trading series (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Type of viral infection of eye associated with disease causing blindness in the elderly  CMV strikes again.

$74 PC on a USB Stick Sold Out (for Now)  If everyone has one of these the WiFi could b used for a truly distributed network.

Body building, diet supplements linked to liver damage: study


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