Pseudo Random News and Comment

BAILOUT: Former Bailout Watchdog Neil Barofsky to Release Tell-All Account Of Bush/Obama Administration Banking Policies  Sounds promising but thinking about prior authors in similar situations, it seems the cognitive dissonance of being a part of evil, yet not wanting to think evil of themselves, invariably leads to the author presenting the situation as less twisted than it was. Prepare to be disappointed.

Not enough panic?  The market is faking it. Going through the motions without emotion. That’s scary after a decline has been underway for some time.

Think about this too much and it gets confusing. Study finds humble people are the most helpful to others  If they are humble for good reason what good is their help? If their help is useful then it’s false humility. The mind holds so many conflicting elements.

Spatial configuration can spark deja vu, psychology study reveals  A further elaboration on the conditions that can trigger it. I just triggered it in myself by thinking about a previous study and then thinking of a familiar element in an unfamiliar environment. The meta version felt no different from the usual ones.

The Brain May Disassemble Itself in Sleep (preview)  My brain may need a better housekeeper.

Data, Drugs, and Deception: a True Story  LDL drops aren’t strictly predictable but some statins are more effective than others in lowering LDL…so some manufacturers should still be able to make something of this.

China’s Antiquated Financial System: The Creaking Grows Louder  Good analysis, but the big problem with liberalization near the top of a huge bubble is that the inevitable collapse will be blamed on the reduction in central planning so the result is likely to be complete totalitarianism. Wait until after the collapse and take the credit instead.

Feeling strong emotions makes peoples’ brains ‘tick together’  Potential mob behavior/contagion explanation

You will love our alien overlords. Guaranteed. No doubt coming soon thanks to big pharma. Researchers identify protein necessary for behavioral flexibility

This is definitely too good to be true. Key gene found responsible for chronic inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer

The seeds of a new secular bull market are being sown  I have to admit the worse it gets the more I like it too.

Relatively speaking: Researchers identify principles that shape kinship categories across languages  Simplicity vs informativeness

‘Ronald Reagan’s blood’ auction cancelled after complaints  !

China links Another TV scandal and the rest of recent China news.

Who cares?  The soon to be infamous jihad announcement

The Little Guide to Contentedness  Worth a read. It’s swimming upstream against human nature to be content, regardless of your circumstances, but still worth trying.

Chinese bank lending crashes  Throw some more money on that blaze! That’s what BB brain does.

Happy People Make Terrible Traders  If you are suffering from a surplus of happiness let me know. I think I can cure you.

Google Lifts The Veil On Copyright Takedowns: Reveals Detailed Data On Who Requests Link Removals  Maybe embarrassment will cool their jets a little.

Google Trends Shows Why The Status Quo “Powers That Be” Should Be Scared. Very Scared  Singapore traffic is a little puzzling. I wonder if it’s Chinese VPN traffic.

It’s crunch time at the Giro d’Italia, the most beautiful bike race in the world. Two more mountain stages, finishing on Alpe di Pampeago and the Stelvio, and the final TT on Sunday. (CN)

I would have loved this place when I was a kid, and it’s still pretty cool. Periscope House / C+arquitectos


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