Pseudo Random News and Comment

What Will Make Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin Happier: U.S. Citizenship or $67 Million?  Congress wants to ban expatriates from entering the US. Damn right, why would any country want a tourist with a few billion $$ to burn crossing their borders?

Are medical schools squashing creativity? Part 2: Lighten up on mandates, and take advantage of the informal curriculum  Schooling in general crushes creativity. Bismark was hoping for just that result from public schooling.

Time to depreciate the Yuan  I’m still not convinced that the Yuan wouldn’t ultimately fall on its own without central bank intervention.

China links  China banks are missing 2012 loan targets.

Is the Self Always Better than a Friend? Self-Face Recognition in Christians and Atheists  Atheists apparently feel better about themselves.

Beyond the occasional bout of wisdom there is at least one other benefit of aging: Aging Eyes Hinder Biometric Scans

Computers excel at identifying smiles of frustration (w/ Video)  They are making this far too difficult. Smiles of frustration in the modern era are most often triggering by interaction with a computer so a simple accelerometer should do the trick. A few false positives when it’s rage on the face of the user pounding on the computer but otherwise far more efficient and no need for fancy AI.

Copylaundering: Jay Leno Airs Campaign Video From YouTube, NBC Claims Ownership Of Original  Mind-numbingly brilliant use of the legal system.

Would You Like a Side of Dirt with That?  Eating dirt is potentially adaptive. I’ll stick with chocolate and the occasional insect accidentally ingested in a bike ride.

I really hope the quack-fest of psychology isn’t representative of the numbers in the medical field overall, but I’m not optimistic. Questionable research practices surprisingly common

Aliens don’t want to eat us, says former SETI director  Since there hasn’t been any contact this is based entirely on inferences. Many humans would certainly yield very well-marbled cuts of meat. I’ll be OK as long as the alien arrivals are like humans and prefer the taste of vegetarian critters.

MIT researchers devise new means to synchronize a group of robots (w/ Video)  More progress on the human extinction front.

First study to suggest that the immune system may protect against Alzheimer’s changes in humans  So do immunocompromised patients show a higher incidence?

Mercenary Protestors  This is pervasive and has been for many years. Paid protestors, picketers, testimony in front of congress, signature gathering….

Copyright Holders Punish Themselves With Crazy DMCA Takedowns What a bunch of clowns. I wish they’d hurry up and go out of business.

Make that evil clowns – Did Hollywood Not Use Available DMCA Tools Just To Pretend It Needed SOPA?  No matter how cynical I get over time, it’s just never quite enough to keep up.

More evil clowns (so I guess my life long fear of clowns has been justified)…Network Analysis Reveals Apparent (And Legally Questionable) Attack On Torrent Networks  I don’t think there is any question it violates current laws. Not sure I’d bet much on enforcement though.

US Gov’t Tells Developing Nations That Patents & High Prices Are Good For The Health Of Their Citizens  A nice synopsis of what is really being promoted.

Crowdsource THIS  Wonderfully accurate and hilarious cartoon.


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