Pseudo Random News and Comment

High blood caffeine levels in older adults linked to avoidance of Alzheimer’s disease  If it sounds too good to be true….

Since the USD has tended to rally mostly when things are going to hell, this isn’t the most uplifting view of the future. CHART: US Dollar Index, 2012 vs. 1996

Ultra Marathons Might Be Ultra Bad for Your Heart  …and other bits.

Side effect: Crisis in Greece hits mental health  More psych BS. There’s a term for feeling down when the world collapses around you. Normal.

Are Eyewitnesses in the Zimmerman Trial Reliable?  Memory is such a fluid thing.

‘Flame’ Malware Prompts Microsoft Patch  Attempting to patch the certificate issue. Not sure what they would do if the malware used their current certificate algorithm. Good reason to keep your state sponsored cyberwar software up to date.

And the beat goes on… Retraction count for resveratrol researcher Dipak Das rises to 12

If You’re Going To Leak Classified Info About The White House, It Better Make Them Look Good  Just like rogue traders, it’s no problem unless it makes those in charge look bad.

”Real” Disposable Income Per Capita: Still Flatlining  I fail to see how this supports the housing has bottomed thesis CR is pushing this spring.

Humans take place at top of food chain, eat crawdads to help Tahoe’s ecosystem  For this to really be true they need to crap in the woods too.

Study IDs immune system glitch tied to fourfold higher likelihood of death  If confirmed by further research it’s great news. But I don’t think I will get tested until they can do something about it.

2012 = 1998?  I was just talking to THE Woman the other day about this scenario. It can go two ways from here. Either surviving this round of global crisis will make people think they can survive anything and markets will blast off in the most insane way imaginable (the 1998 scenario), or there will be a weak rally and then the abyss will open (2007-2008 scenario). Of course there’s also the late 70’s – early 80’s version/Japan version, basically go nowhere for a number of years. But when the entire world is doing the ZIRP and other foolishness they can’t export their problems so I don’t think the results can be so benign.


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