Pseudo Random News and Comment

The most advanced covered wagon battleship ever. US Navy hopes stealth ship answers a rising China  As the Chinese general points out the strategy ignores the power and survivability of $3 billion worth of low tech strategies.

北京核对空置房屋381万户 标注出租屋139万户  According to THE Woman’s translation, Chinese police survey shows 20 million people live in Beijing with almost 4 million empty apartments. So, assuming 1 apartment per person that’s 20% vacancy, and assuming  2 people per apartment on average – in reality likely a low estimate – it’s a 40% vacancy rate. Ouch. A further complication is the people moving in from the country, often assumed in the West to be consumers of excess housing units, will never be able to afford even the smallest apartment in their entire lives.

Spanish & Greek Bank Deposits  These numbers show that without massive central bank intervention the game is over. Too bad they’ll never let them die. It would be a great investing opportunity. Instead they watch Japan hit themselves in the head with a hammer for 30 years and then pick up the same hammer, saying Japan didn’t start early enough or hit hard enough. Whether you believe fractional reserve banking is fraud or not, treating it as if it is would be the best solution to continual banking crises.

How the internet killed porn  To me it’s more the fact that so many are willing to give it away than “the internet”.

China warns foreign embassies publishing smog readings is illegal  Because, like sausage, it tastes better when you don’t know what’s in it.

Google stumbles onto some ethical high ground. Google to Warn Possible Victims of State-Sponsored Spying  Could even provide a solution to the “no standing” problem of suing by provided evidence of direct harm.

Ear delivers sound information to brain in surprisingly organized fashion: study  Also shows how divorced from reality our senses leave us.

Anxious girls’ brains work harder  Boys’ don’t, presumably they are just drinking harder.

Big Idea: Snake Oil Cures for Damaged Hearts Snakes do more than taste like chicken. Great illustration of the power of evolution to solve problems.

What Other People Think About Us Matters Here’s Why  I think there has been a run on some reputation banks in the last few years too.

Shouldn’t We See It As A Problem When Patents Are The Product Itself?  Yes, but it’s not surprising the people making money off the current mess see it as manna from heaven.

How immune system, inflammation may play role in Lou Gehrig’s disease

Topical Polyethylene Glycol as a Novel Chemopreventive Agent for Oral Cancer via Targeting of Epidermal Growth Factor Response  Amazingly low-tech compound.

Damn, these people are using math after graduation! Caution in Interpreting Results from Imputation Analysis When Linkage Disequilibrium Extends over a Large Distance: A Case Study on Venous Thrombosis

Deep Sequencing of the Oral Microbiome Reveals Signatures of Periodontal Disease  The microbiome is where it’s at these days. It’s so strange to think of a human body as a symbiotic collection where the human cells are the minority.

Attackers Hit Weak Spots in 2-Factor Authentication  Just goes to show, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Stem cell scientists take hope from first human trials but see long road ahead  An excellent summary of the field.

ACSM: running linked to reduced all-cause mortality  But only to a point, then mortality rises again.

How religion promotes confidence about paternity  I think brutality would be a better description. It’s really not that impressive of a reduction for such extreme measures – 2.9% to 1.3%. One sneaky nice guy could probably blow those stats to pieces, which probably explains the need to make it a religious practice.

How do studies get selected for publication?  Factors that predict publication are not the same as those that predict impact.


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