Pseudo Random News and Comment

Exercise doesn’t help depression, study concludes  I find this very interesting. I think the result is an artifact of the way studies are conducted. In my experience the primary psychological benefit of exercise is that it gives you the feeling that you can control something and achieve some goal. Randomly assigning someone to the exercise arm of a study removes all control and makes the participants powerless in determining their fate. That this doesn’t alleviate depression isn’t surprising to me. It’s creating conditions that exacerbate learned helplessness.

More bad news…Calorie-restricted diet keeps heart young

I never understood why leftists supported the Democratic Party in the first place. Maybe the tide is turning. Wisconsin Recap: Thanks to Obama, American Left Lies in Smoldering Wreckage  I don’t know why conservatives support Republicans either.

Yet Another Of The FBI’s Own Terrorist Plots… Involves A Group Of Senior Citizens  I think I saw these guys in a story months ago but it’s still a good example. Also highlights how government programs work: demonstrate a need, create demand, get bigger budget, restrict eligibility to contain costs, sit back and enjoy your newly created bureaucratic empire.

Statistical model attempting to estimate level of alcohol consumption that is ‘optimal’ for health  Not much, roughly 1/50th the intake of the typical college student.

Eyes continue to prove very effective behavior modifiers. Time to put some in every politician and CEO office. Dictators Turn Strangely Benevolent in Online Game

Nobody and nothing works miracles for free. The real culprit behind hardened arteries? Stem cells, says landmark study

Durability of Antibody Removal Following Proteasome Inhibitor-Based Therapy  It’s a good start but unfortunately still needs to be followed by the conventional artillery.

The power of suggestion: What we expect influences our behavior, for better or worse  Priming the brain with biased information adjusts the perceptual filters and results in automatic behaviors, and in perceiving a reduced number of choices.

Ghostery  Schneier on Security asks readers what they use for web privacy. Interesting comments and quite a variation in paranoia levels. I currently use NoScript, Ghostery, Adblock Plus, Keyscrambler, Certificate Patrol, Better Privacy, Cookie Culler, Force-TLS, HTTPS-everywhere. Plus I have multiple anti-virus and firewall programs running. Do I win the paranoia contest?  Very few sites will function at all without explicit user approval, and yes, it’s a pain in the butt.


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