Pseudo Random News and Comment

And now the Guo put?  China Seeks to Restore Stock Investors’ Vanished Trust  “The message from recent government announcements with respect to the equity market is loud and clear,” Jiong Shao and Jing Yang, analysts at Macquarie Securities Ltd., wrote in a May 10 report. “The government wants the A-share market to be up.”   Everyone wants to be a stock market pumping pimp these days.

Radiation exposure from CT scans in childhood could triple the risk of leukaemia and brain cancer  Risk remains low but triple is still triple.

New medicine might fight drug-resistant TB, study says  Efficacy isn’t too impressive but it’s still better than nothing, because…  China faces ‘serious’ epidemic of drug-resistant TB

Studies show new drug to be effective in treating skin cancer  A drug maker’s dream because it works well, but only if you keep taking it. Without continued treatment it recurs, albeit more slowly.

Good bugs gone bad: Gut immune cells keep beneficial microbes in their place  As mom said, everything has its place.

Cockroaches and geckos disappear by swinging under ledges… and inspire robots  Know your enemy. When a cockroach is in a place I can’t get a good shot at it, I blow on it to get it to move. The tongues of their predators create a leading pressure wave before the strike so the change in pressure from blowing on it triggers an escape response. SMACK!

Another blow to human specialness. Adolescent human males are no smarter than moths. Virgin male moths think they’re hot when they’re not (w/ Video)

Ray Bradbury’s last piece –Take Me Home  Time to read Dandelion Wine again.

Did PBOC actually RAISE some rates just now?  Interesting twist on the rate cut story. By increasing the leeway on deposit and loan rates they are giving banks the opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot even more.

AAII Bullish Sentiment Drops  I give much more weight to what people actually do with their money than what they say they might do, but it’s still a positive sign.

Fungus Inside Us: A New Health Frontier?  Microbiome is now a rainbow coalition of sorts, with fungi and viruses joining in. Are prions unavoidably bad to the bone?

Leon Panetta: US is running out of patience with Pakistan  I would have thought the daily bombings were a sufficient hint.

Mozilla’s Shumway pushes Flash to off-ramp  Oh please daddy, give it to me!

10 Trading Terms That Sound Like Sex Acts  There are many more. For a few see my Technical Analysis Primer.

A poor argument for intelligent design:

Treatment with anti-TNFs reduces the risk of cardiovascular events in rheumatoid arthritis

Treatment with anti-TNFs can increase the risk of shingles by up to 75 percent

Worth keeping an eye on – Vaccine trial for Alzheimer’s clears key hurdle

Guest Post: Is Capitalism Incompatible With Democracy?  It certainly seems so. People will always try to vote or bribe themselves rich.

What Bank CEOs Create Most & Least Value Quite illuminating in a number of ways. Pandit is no surprise as king of the shit pile but Moody’s is a surprise on the best value list.

Is the QE glass half-full or empty?  Good reminder that the response is far more important than the news itself.

What does it mean to be cool? It may not be what you think  I think this is more due to changes in the connotations of the word than a change in what behavior is perceived as worthy of emulation.


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