Pseudo Random News and Comment

This is so reminiscent of Terminator and Skynet it’s not even funny. Cyber experts warn of ‘intelligent weapons’

Why We Don’t Believe In Science  An earlier study I linked to showed atheists share similarities with the autistic. This now implies science doubters haven’t progressed beyond childhood. “When they saw the scientifically correct video, blood flow increased to a part of the brain called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, or D.L.P.F.C. The D.L.P.F.C. is located just behind the forehead and is one of the last brain areas to develop in young adults.”

Aspirin Could Lower Some Cancer Mortality Risk Other than internal bleeding it’s all good.

ACLU Phone App Lets You Shoot the Cops  Way cool, but needs to be geographically broadened. NYC isn’t that unusual.

Perception of Loudness Is Influenced by Emotion  Makes sense to be on high alert after aversive stimuli.

Influence of Socioeconomic Status Trajectories on Innate Immune Responsiveness in Children  What the leftists will probably miss is that it didn’t matter what level they started at, as long as things were improving there was no difference in the measures. Not a great sign when governments all over the world are so hellbent on maintaining financial stasis.

One theory to explain Rapamycin/mTor induced longevity bites the dust. Tissue-Specific Responses of IGF-1/Insulin and mTOR Signaling in Calorie Restricted Rats

The I’s have it. To Predict Dating Success, The Secret’s In The Pronouns  Pennebaker’s work was making the rounds before but this is more specific to dating.

Heavily Temporal Spatial Arbitrage flavored, with a side order of congruence and flow. RTRA (Right Thought, Right Action)

Meta Bias  Some evidence for my frequent comment that increasing intelligence simply allows you to rationalize ever more idiotic actions.

Psychologists find meditation increases awareness of subliminal messages  Catching your brain in the act becomes easier. I find this to be the case for both external and internal messages.

The Fed Balance Sheet: What is Uncle Sam’s Largest Asset?  [shaking head in disbelief and disgust]

Why Wearing Fakes Makes Us Cheat More [Excerpt]  I’m surprised Wall St hasn’t seized on this as a reason their bonuses should remain obscenely outsized. “You think our behavior is bad now? Wait until we have to start buying knock-offs!”

If You Use LinkedIn, Change Your Password  In case you hadn’t heard.

How can I not link to a story with the line “three very large boxes of grape-flavored Romanian condoms“?? – Alleged Romanian Subway Hackers Were Lured to U.S.

Judge Posner Dumps Ridiculous Patent Fight Between Apple & Motorola As Contrary To The Public Interest  The basis for Apple’s case is appalling. They really should be facing a huge fine for wasting people’s time (as should all the other IP lawsuit instigators).


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