Pseudo Random News and Comment

More about turtle penises than you thought you’d want to know. An interesting thing to note: There is no common penis ancestor in the animal kingdom. They’ve evolved several times. Terrifying sex organs of male turtles

Testosterone Promotes Agression Automatically This sort of blanket statement puts me into such a rage…

Abacus Indicted for Criminal Mortgage Fraud  Could be the most shocking headline of the year, even though they are small-fry and it’s likely a show trial to keep the unwashed rabble happy before the election.

Researchers develop and test new anti-cancer vaccine

Green Tea Polyphenols Reduce Body Weight in Rats by Modulating Obesity-Related Genes  I’m always leery of nutrition-based cures but if the mechanism can be identified it’s a bit more convincing.

Via Sinocism, a summary of shadow banking in China:

More can mean less when it comes to being happier — especially if you are neurotic

Steve Keen: Why 2012 Is Shaping Up To Be A Particularly Ugly Year  A number of interesting points. Particularly the correlation between mortgage debt and housing prices.

How Twitter is putting an end to our private lives  Twitter only magnifies the issue. People have always gossiped, but now it’s to the entire world.

All Men Can’t Jump  Relative to critters. I always get inspired to go for a run anytime I read or think about the “born to run” hypothesis.


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