Pseudo Random News and Comment

Must read on the Chinese method of managing the economy: The Macroeconomics of Chinese kleptocracy  If you consider the relationships between ZIRP, currency debasement, regulatory capture, and bailouts – both direct and indirect it’s also a pretty good framework for explaining the increasing income inequality in the US.

Revealed: Secret of HIV’s natural born killers  Still a lot of work before an effective vaccine can come out of this but knowing what you are looking for generally speeds the process of finding it.

LA Times: “Shortage of homes for sale creates fierce competition”  CR continues to beat the bullish housing drum. Weather is warmer, skirts are rising, it’s hard not to feel better about things, but I think without rising real incomes and/or more foolish lending it’s hard to see a lasting increase, particularly when global demand may be about to fall over a precipice.

DARPA issues robot challenge to clothing imports I don’t see why government funding is required for this sort of research. If it’s a good idea someone else will do it for profit. If it’s because of national security depending on foreign clothing sources perhaps they should determine whether sending a bunch of armed, scared, naked young men to their deaths produces more fear in the enemy than clothed ones.

More proof that people lie and cheat as much as they can get away with, regardless what anyone else is doing. Women, Men, and Math Problems  You don’t suppose a lack of punishment for Wall St fraud will alter their behavior for the worse do you?

Aspirin before heart surgery reduces the risk of post-operative acute kidney failure  Tough to interpret the results when the cause of the acute failure is unknown, but the fact that aspirin helped should help direct research.

.More progress made on artificial pancreas for diabetes patients  I don’t see the need for the glucagon part of the system. That isn’t disrupted significantly in diabetes. As long as insulin is shut off appropriately they shouldn’t be any worse off than a normal person.

Finance blogger wisdom: a lifetime of good investing  I think life is unavoidably a series of mistakes and one of the benefits of age, and the wisdom that [hopefully] comes with it, is that you learn to make less damaging ones. Knowing that you’re going to make mistakes and finding ways to mitigate them is one of the most important things in trading and life.

How a Single Company Gained a Stranglehold over Online Shopping and the Future of Retail  Someday maybe they’ll make money at it.


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