Pseudo Random News and Comment

A more refined criticism of the exercise doesn’t help depression study I posted before. Exercise doesn’t help depression? Let’s take a real look at that study.  Having someone encourage you to exercise doesn’t help depression, because people don’t respond to the encouragement by exercising.

New stroke treatment could prevent and reduce brain damage  Could even help in hemorrhagic stroke, where luck is more often the biggest factor in survival.

Ominous signs from China  Charts aren’t looking positive, other than being a bit oversold.

Will a little bouncy, bouncy lead to something long-term? Oversold Bounce Or Return to Risk On?

How blogging is revolutionizing dying  I’ll be happier when it prevents it.

The doping-drug Epo has an impact in the brain  So just think how stupid some of these athletes would be without it. Coming soon to a trading desk near you, if it hasn’t already. Last I heard black market prices for it are lower than via the legal route, which I still find interesting.

Mindfulness reduces anxiety and depression in cancer patients  …and pretty much everyone else too.

Proposed experiment would prove that quantum jumps are not objective events A new way of catching nature in the act.

It’s all in the name — predicting popularity through psychological science This could be applied to all sorts of things.

Some adults with sleep disturbances are actually afraid of the dark, study says

How Companies Can Beef Up Password Security  Given the rather simple Rx it’s rather appalling that so few sites are doing it right.

Mood Over Math…How to Profit In a Connected World  I think hidden somewhere in here must be a bubble metric that measures the divorce from reality.

Top risk of stroke for normal-weight adults: Getting under 6 hours of sleep  More sleep please.

‘Bad’ dieting increases cardiovascular disease risk  Atkins fails again.

Why Intuition Can be Better Than Analysis I think the situation is even more skewed. In markets it’s not just random change that destroys rule-based systems, it’s often deliberate competitive action to take away an edge.

What is globalization?  I think for once the internet may live up to the hype in preventing the total collapse of globalization when the bubble bursts. A bubble doesn’t revert to the prior state when it pops. Some things that came into being on easy money survive and prosper, while existing industries built on hard-earned savings die off. Radio, autos, PCs, internet all appeared on waves of easy money but stuck around despite that. If globalization vanishes it means a literal return to the dark ages. Hopefully the connections established on the internet will allow that fate to be avoided.



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