Pseudo Random News and Comment

This overlooks one factor in the current airport scene. Charging for checked bags has created a shortage of space for carry-on bags so if you are late in boarding you will be forced to check your bag and risk losing it. Why do we hurry to wait?

Prospectus for Silicon Valley’s Next Hot Tech IPO  If only it were true.

Finance blogger wisdom: unpaid investor interns  Since learning from mistakes is so important I think I’d pick John Meriwether, though this year it might be better to choose the Fed’s Open Market Operations desk since they are exerting such dramatic influence over the markets.

Losing money, emotions and evolution  Some neurological basis for the lasting effects of suffering unnecessarily large losses in the markets.

Excellent piece on the dangers of being too much smarts. Why Smart People Are Stupid  ..and in a closely related piece, a few judicial rulings which provide a real-life demonstration: Why The Supreme Court Needs To Make Sure That Selling A Used iPad Isn’t A Copyright Violation

Voicemail discovered in nature: Insects receive soil messages from the past  Good thing they didn’t patent it.

Capability of curry component to treat disease merits US patent  Are licensing fees to be due at the grocery store or when you finish cooking?

How to Minimize the Attack Rate during Multiple Influenza Outbreaks in a Heterogeneous Population  Somewhat counter-intuitive results for high-efficacy interventions.

Shooting Police Is Now Legal In Indiana  At least the ones that bust into your house in a no-knock assault with no identifying gear. But in practice I suspect anyone who survived defending themselves in that situation would find things redefined post-facto to allow their prosecution anyway.

Yet another victory for the hygiene hypothesis. Urban Kids Have More Food Allergies Than Their Country Cousins

This may explain my lack of energy. Statins shown to cause fatigue

Offspring of older fathers may live longer: study  This is great news. When I wrote this piece I was thinking it would take many generations to have much success.

Attitude towards age increases risk of dementia diagnosis  Dementia would certainly mess with my attitude about aging.

Is Dark Matter a Glimpse of a Deeper Level of Reality?   I always liked the simplicity of MOND over the fudge factor quality of the whole dark something explanation so I find this much more intuitively satisfying. To me a complex, convoluted theory always implies the larger reality is being missed somewhere. The gorilla analogy in this piece captures that very well.

The Beating Heart Donors  I thought I’d linked to this a long time ago but apparently not. It’s a good article on the difficulties in defining death and the incentives pushing the definition in a direction that you might not like when laying on the table. There are fees paid for organ procurement and in the majority of cases hospitals are getting paid a fixed amount per diagnosis – so the longer you stay alive the more money they lose. Very solid reasons to believe decisions are being biased by financial considerations rather than science. There has been some research demonstrating insurance type alters end of life decisions as well.


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