Pseudo Random News and Comment

Time will tell if the new rich in China will be as consistently atrocious as the Japanese in their market timing. China’s capital flight: to US real estate

Has the Chinese government given up on rebalancing already? Certainly seems so. More money and credit is the only answer any government knows.

Fishing for usable results rather than side effects and contraindications. Investigation questions motives behind post-marketing studies  Best left to a private third-party.

Radiation exposure from medical imaging has increased even at HMOs  Especially disturbing given recent studies showing risks from repeated lower exposures.

Older women should not take calcium, vitamin D: task force  Add in the negatives on long-term bisphosphonate use and the waters get even murkier. I guess there’s always exercise…

Don’t feel like exercise? Scientists find compound that may help you work out harder  A form of EPO engineered not to cause an increase in red blood cells, so the desire is independent of increased exercise capacity. No wonder pro cyclists love the stuff.

Teaching autistic teens to cope  More specifically, teaching them social skills.

What Ancient Greeks Can Teach Us about Drones and Cyber-War  Excellent post on the problems with arrogant, short-sighted strategy.

Good summary of the first results. Human Microbiome Project: First detailed studies describe diversity, variety, and function of microbes in people

The microbiome concept may already be paying off. Mutant gut bacteria reverse colon cancer in lab models

Bank and Broker Default Risk  If everything is OK, why have they all been rising?

Scientists see new hope for restoring vision with stem cell help  They really need to hurry up with this stuff, I’m running out of time.

Should Ritalin Be Distributed To Everyone Taking the SATs?  The trouble with mindless attempts to enhance the mind.

A company couldn’t ask for better ad copy than this – High-Quality Fake IDs from China

Ed Thorp on trend following: an excerpt from Hedge Fund Market Wizards  Trend following is something I totally suck at so it’s always interesting to read about. Mentions confidence about your edge as a factor in position sizing, to which I’d add that you should never be completely confident of your edge.

The US citizen numbers, as usual, show an appalling lack of empathy and perspective. U.S. drones deeply unpopular around the world

An explanation for much of college campus behavior Juveniles build up physical — but not mental — tolerance for alcohol in new study

HIV may have returned in ‘cured’ patient: scientists

Conscious perception is a matter of global neural networks  An emergent property, which should make a few theorists happy.


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