Pseudo Random News and Comment

Must read for traders and investors. May be able to create a workspace that makes your choices less risky. Training people to inhibit movements can reduce risk-taking

Interesting demonstration that concepts alter visual memory. Conceptual and Visual Features Contribute to Visual Memory for Natural Images  So two people remembering the same chart won’t remember it the same way, let alone interpret it similarly.

Who Else Is Buying U.S. Treasuries?  Increased domestic purchases makes an eventual default even more difficult politically and economically, so it’s another reason to inflate the problem away.

USADA letter to Lance Armstrong, et al (pdf). Unfortunately, no email for Dr Michele Ferrari included so I can’t bug him with my oddball training questions.

On the other hand, an explanation for why doping can’t turn a donkey into a race horse (gene doping excluded). How many cells can our blood tolerate?

Cheating in Online Classes  I’m not sure whether these guys will be great traders, great online security experts, or great criminals. Perhaps the problems with Wall St are the result of very similar skill sets involved in trading and criminality. Both involve finding the overlooked angles and assessing the risks.

As the Chinese government gave up, the real estate market goes crazy  This could be where the real mania begins.

A couple of rounds in the exercise and depression debate. Holy Sacred Cow! Why Reactions to the Exercise and Depression Trial Go to the Heart of Scientific Controversy and Exercise and Depression part the second: a critique of a critique  All I can say is I haven’t exercised in 5 days and I’m already bummed and bad-tempered. A good sign for the next training cycle though.

The Follower Problem Saw this mentioned a few places and had to see what the fuss was about. An appalling homage to mindless bootlicking. He was born in 1961 so he’s definitely old enough to know better. How anyone could bemoan the lack of respect for authority after watching the news for the last 50 years completely baffles me. Maybe he never watched the news.

Tense film scenes trigger brain activity: New ways to predict how audiences will respond  Who needs focus groups when you can make bad films with neuroscience?

Somebody call the MPAA and RIAA! Humans may be taking credit for Neanderthal works. First Painters May Have Been Neanderthal, Not Human

Smoking history not assessed in cancer trials, study finds This is hard to believe

With secular bear markets typically lasting around 17 years, we should have 5 to go. This may be some confirmation of that scenario. Charting The Generational Shift In Equity Risk Appetite

Why Proxy Votes are a Giant Joke  The futility of voting in an oligarchy.

Plant uses chemical weapons to make mice spit out its seeds | Not Exactly Rocket Science  Pretty cool, binary chemical weapons in the plant world.

Physical activity reduces compensatory weight gain after liposuction  So…the only way lipo works is if they exercise afterward, but if they could exercise they wouldn’t need the lipo.

Choosy Moral Punishers  Punishment has a cost so it makes sense it’s dished out only in situations where there is a more direct benefit. Bonus question: How does this apply to the administration of justice by an elected government?


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