Pseudo Random News and Comment

“In the end if they say they have no reason to believe the patient is conscious, I say ‘fine, but I have no reason to believe you are either’,” he says.  Very interesting article about trying to detect consciousness in patients in a vegetative state. The quote highlights the need to define it well beforehand. The primary reason to believe anyone is conscious is that we all feel we are and therefore assume things that look and act like us must be as well. No surprise then that animals and brain injured people are often assumed not to be. Do Brain Scans of Comatose Patients Reveal a Conscious State?

Don’t worry about China’s economy. It’s all good. This cash-strapped real estate company tells tenants to pay 20 years of rents now

Google reports ‘alarming’ rise in censorship by governments  Some interesting anecdotes. Best of all is the Canadian pissing on his passport and flushing it down the toilet on Youtube. Someone should point out to him that he’s stuck there unless he gets another one.

FOMC Preview: QE3 now or later? If something doesn’t work, clearly doing more of the same is not just the best response, but the only conceivable one. That level of stupidity makes my head hurt. Though that only applies is you assume they are actually trying to improve the lot of the average person. Dump that assumption and they are doing a fabulous job.

Just when I was thinking an August 2007 rerun was in the cards this tosses a wrench in the works.  Bullish Sentiment Reaches Highest Level Since February

How to Save Your Money And Your Life  In my darker moments this is almost exactly my view. In my lighter moments it’s party like it’s 1999. Wait, that party didn’t last long.

Honor System Farm Stands  I’ve never heard of anyone leaving money when then sneaking into an orchard but the farm stand makes intuitive sense, so maybe there’s some innate sense of paying for someone else’s efforts which isn’t triggered by picking off of a tree. Might explain the popularity of the ludicrous labor theory of value too.

On expectancy – and the perils of complete honesty with hot chicks. Are You A Ring Toss Or Coin Pitch Type Of Trader?

Buying life experiences to impress others removes happiness boost  The recent stories about China’s increased prosperity failing to increase happiness make even more sense because it’s one of the most status driven places I’ve ever seen in terms of % of disposable income spent on status-seeking..

Coenzyme Q10 study indicates promise in Huntington’s treatment

Study examines chronic inflammation in oral cavity and HPV status of head and neck cancers  I guess Mom was right when she kept telling me to watch my mouth.


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