Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Mysterious Brain of the Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur, the World’s Only Hibernating Primate  An amazing piece of evolutionary adaptation.

Look who pays for the bailout Somebody has to pay for all the foolishness and this group is an easy target since none seem to realize how ridiculous their complaints sound to Mr and Mrs Sixpack. The whole fair share of taxes argument reflects a very skewed view of fairness, where paying a higher percentage is somehow fair, but whining about making 6x the average family income while living a lavish lifestyle isn’t going to win many friends.  With the spending habits of many of these HENRYs they will never be rich regardless.

An ugly little data point. China continues to record capital outflow in May 2012

The Widespread Economic Myths Destroying the Economy  Excellent myth busting piece.

Followup: Benedetti on Placebo Ethics  A very difficult issue. When effective treatment is available I don’t think there’s any excuse for lying or misleading patients, but does the lack of any effective treatment justify lying? I don’t think so but maybe it could be handled along the lines of psychology experiments where full disclosure of what was being investigated is after the fact. There may be hope yet for my immortality placebo.

I’ve been waiting for the upside to prions. You can’t just go around messing with everyone and expect to survive so they had to have friends somewhere. Prions can improve the health of fungal populations

As the hygiene hypothesis would predict: Antibacterials in personal-care products linked to allergy risk in children   Apple should make a germ dispensing iPad to offset all the indoor isolation they’ve helped create in kids.

5 Things That Can Freak A Trader Out.  I have a problem with #3 too, so I will never be tweeting trades – and even going public with market opinions is dangerous since those opinions lead to trades and the publicity taint can spread faster than the clap at an orgy.

Some of these results scream ‘methodological problem’ to me but still very interesting. Can Mindfulness Meditation Make You Smarter? | The Crux

When Men Are Less Moral Than Women  …but, but we’re forced to do these bad things trying to impress women with our success so it’s really not our fault at all.

Retail therapy: Shopping to cope with future challenges  Never realized it was done preëmptively. Interesting that it’s more selective.

Why the Turing Test is a Flawed Benchmark  Another flaw is that it assumes humans are intelligent, which is very debatable, since the only evidence we are is that we say we are based on tests we created for ourselves to take. Hot damn! We aced it!   How to Pass the Turing Artificial Intelligence Test

Breaking your budget? Why consumers overspend on exceptional purchases  LOL, just like saying “just one cupcake” it’s assumed to be an isolated instance.

Attack Against Point-of-Sale Terminal  The modern version of stealing carbon copy charge slips.

How big a bazooka does the Fed need?

Ben smiled and unveiled it with a flourish, “Let me show you my bazooka.”

“Oh!”  _______________  (fill in the blanks)

  1. Her eyes widened, “It’s enormous!”
  2. She wrinkled her nose, “Are you sure it’s going to do the job?”
  3. She stifled a smile, “Well, it’s the thought that counts.”

Worse yet, it may backfire.

FBI & DEA Warn That IPv6 May Be Too Damn Anonymous The horror of being forced to mind their own business can be very distressing to some.


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