Pseudo Random News and Comment

Apple peel compound boosts calorie burning, reduces obesity in mice. The original study: Ursolic Acid Increases Skeletal Muscle and Brown Fat and Decreases Diet-Induced Obesity, Glucose Intolerance and Fatty Liver Disease

What’s your name again? Why it might not be your brain’s ability but your lack of interest that causes a bad memory  I came to this conclusion many years ago when I realized I really didn’t want to know who most people were and it was only in the rare case they changed my mind that I became concerned I didn’t remember.

‘Brain pacemaker’ effective for years against Parkinson’s disease  Deep brain stimulation effective for up to 3 years.

Nepal launches drones to combat poachers  Not just for superpowers anymore. Remains to be seen if they will adopt the post-mortem classification schemes too.

Owning a home does not lead to happiness  Houses are often status symbols so they should fail to bring happiness – plus the costs and headaches of home ownership too.

There’s a lot going on under the hood. When I first learned the body was made of individual cells I immediately wondered why they would all want to cooperate and play well together. Still interesting to read about all the ways they don’t. Dendritic Cell Editing by Activated Natural Killer Cells Results in a More Protective Cancer-Specific Immune Response

The silent gorilla: Intense concentration leaves us ‘deaf’ to the world around us I don’t know what they are talking about. See here.

Ten ways to train like an elite athlete  They left out doping. You have to do everything possible to be the best.

Should We Want A ‘Cyberwar’? It’s A Lot Less Bloody Than A Real War  An excellent point on the difference.

As I told an architect friend last month, if that was a stock it would be a short/double top. AIA: Architecture Billings Index declines sharply in May

Performance of S&P 500 vs Long-Term Interest Rates These are definitely not last century’s markets.

Fossilized turtle orgy discovered! Palaeontologists catch turtles in flagrante

How humans predict other’s decisions  Could also be part of the neurological basis for intuitive trading decisions, which are essentially predicting the actions of people with values sometimes radically different from your own.

Breast Milk Therapies for Adults  Can I get that in fat-free, lactose free, chocolate?

BRUN / APOLLO Architects & Associates  I think I could stand living in this place.


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