Pseudo Random News and Comment

Rats Laugh, But Not Like Humans – Not only that, they’ll probably have the last laugh too.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Sex  Speak for yourself. I try to stay on top of that sort of thing. I wonder what the conversion rate is for men who have sex “to get a favor.”

Follow up to the China kleptocracy post  Forget the fact that all governments are criminal conspiracies and auditors knowingly sign off on fraud, the most horrifying thing is how much traffic Krugman gets.

Data Mining Exec Pays For Burgers In Cash To Keep His Insurance Company From Knowing His Bad Diet Habits  A very revealing choice.

PayPal Bans BitTorrent Friendly VPN Provider I may soon have to change my donation page.

Get Ready For The Political Fight Against Encryption  I have little doubt both encryption and VPNs (or anything that allows some anonymity) will be heavily regulated if not outright banned within a few years.

Privacy Lawyers Sell Out Facebook Users for $10 Million I had no idea their agreement allowed such unpaid spokesman usage.

Operation Twist 1.1  If it’s a complete success the yield curve will be flat and banks will have no loan revenue and become entirely dependent on trading, frontrunning, vig, and bailouts for their income. Sounds like a fabulous way to promote financial stability.

New evidence in fructose debate: Could it be healthy for us? More likely neutral, but anything in excess is a problem.

SEC Chief Pushing for Money-Fund Vote  Some changes probably need to be made in money market funds but this is really nothing but another disguised bailout for banks – forcing money back to banks by knee-capping the competition. Maybe if they reimposed Glass-Steagall it would make sense but in the current environment it’s just forcing people away from a potential disaster into an even bigger certain one.

Chronic VEGF Blockade Worsens Glomerular Injury in the Remnant Kidney Model  Possible explanation for mTor inhibitor proteinuria.

Co-Morbidity between Early-Onset Leukemia and Type 1 Diabetes – Suggestive of a Shared Viral Etiology?


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