Pseudo Random News and Comment

Plasma bilirubin and late graft failure in renal transplant recipients. I think it must be related to some drug – maybe aspirin.

Big four Chinese banks face decreased savings A big problem if it continues. Perhaps they are sitting on their hands due to Ag bank scandal.

Military Rolls Tanks Onto St. Louis Streets…But Why?  Yeah, why St Louis? Obviously because they might encounter live fire in Idaho.

Theories of Willpower Affect Sustained Learning  Even though you know it is limited it’s better if you believe it’s not.

Delayed Recovery of Skeletal Muscle Mass following Hindlimb Immobilization in mTOR Heterozygous Mice I guess this explains my poor exercise recovery on Rapamune. Statins seemed the more likely culprit.

Multi-tasking Will Kill You  Beyond the obvious ways, with a broader than usual definition of multi-tasking.

Tired? Watch What You Eat  Research finally confirms the tendency to substitute food for sleep.

Turns Out China IS Lying About Everything  Even the electricity numbers are chock full o’ fudge. I kind of doubt they are fudging them lower. Now the question is what about the loan numbers? It would be good if those were fudged too, since it would mean fewer foolish loans, but too many people get a cut on the deal for that to be likely.

The testosterone trio – including indirect support for my more sex reverses decline with age theory (here).

Declining testosterone levels in men not part of normal aging, study finds

Low steroid levels linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Long-term testosterone treatment for men results in reduced weight and waist size


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