Pseudo Random News and Comment

Don’t Blame Money Market Funds  Makes an excellent point about the 300+ times money market funds have been privately saved from breaking the buck, and elaborates on the theme of out of the frying pan into the fire pushing money into backs.

Why Does Exercise Make Us Feel Good?  Because you aren’t going fast enough..

The Coasean Republic  Except the case mentioned is privatization in name only, still burdened by all manner of regulations and in no way a voluntary transaction. If the provider of a “privatized” service screws up the citizens are not allowed to stop paying them, even collectively.

Line blurs between man, animal: Monkeys do math, baboons seem to read, orangutans plan ahead  I think the lack of human specialness is probably the hardest part of evolution for many to accept. It’s too much like parents telling an only child they like the neighbor kid just as much.

Learn that tune while fast asleep  Great, soon taking work home will mean taking it to bed too.

Brain structure helps guide behavior by anticipating changing demands Interesting version of load management.


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