Pseudo Random News and Comment

The unknown risks of China’s Trusts  I’ve read a few mentions of the Chinese trust business and got a few chills. This explains why.

Experimental insulin drug prevents low blood sugar  Interesting, but no mention of why it worked.

Prions and cancer: A story unfolding  Kinky little bastards apparently causing more trouble.

The Decreasing Impact of QEs / Twists  As always, those expecting miracles should expect to be disappointed.

Is There a Limit on Central Bank’s Ability to Inflate? Depends on the definition of inflate, but there are certainly limits. I agree the Euro is doomed. Either Greece starts the dominoes falling or Germany exits to avoid the specter of another Weimar disaster. Doesn’t mean the union itself has to fail, there’s no reason a union has to have a common currency, whether it’s countries, states or cities.

Exercise, even mild physical activity, may reduce breast cancer risk Development of a pill to eliminate the exercise requirement should be well underway soon.

5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About Humans

Confusion Helps Us Learn  I’ve always been a very fast learner, apparently due to consistently reaching a point of maximum confusion.

For the love of god keep the kids from reading this! Economist shows the value of moving back with mom and dad

Instead get the dream-crushing little brats to read this and change the locks once they move out.  How to Break Into Security, Ptacek Edition

Choosing when and how to die: Are we ready to perform therapeutic homicide?  I think the choice should be allowed but I also can’t help thinking about the Monty Python “But I’m not dead yet!” plague sketch.

China and the shiny stuff  Makes the case for higher demand in China. I’ve never heard it mentioned as an option but it could be like the brutal official now buried outside the village – something you just do but never talk about.

Thinking about choice diminishes concern for wealth inequality  Maybe deep down personal responsibility and choices are still important.

A Cruel and Unusual Record  Jimmy Carter continues his terribly unfashionable habit of trying to bring ethics and morality into politics.


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