Pseudo Random News and Comment

RING / APOLLO Architects & Associates  Another one from Apollo. This does such a great job of keeping the city out while bringing the sky and light in, creating a nice oasis. I really like the way the spaces and details create a subtle flow within the minimalist style.

More potential support for intuitive decision-making. Continuous Evolution of Statistical Estimators for Optimal Decision-Making

Thinking of a loved one eases painful memories  Not as simple as it sounds since loved ones are often the source of painful memories.

Real House Prices and Price-to-Rent Ratio  This level of certainty about anything related to human behavior, especially markets, is dangerous. Especially when the supposedly impossible has happened before or the prediction rests on a host of shaky assumptions.

The Worldwide QE Quagmire  Money everywhere = 1/3 of world GDP in the last few years. I don’t know why they’re worried about counterfeiters.

E-Mail Accounts More Valuable than Bank Accounts  Considering how little the typical American has in their bank account why should they care?

Stem cell transplantation into mouse cochlea may impact future hearing loss therapies  Induced pluripotent stem cells from adults caused tumors.

Now you too can be a signed artist with the soon to be largest label in the world. Just don’t expect too much from it – just like the other labels.. Want To Be A ‘Signed’ Musician? Any And All Records Will Take You

Brain Activity in Fairness Consideration during Asset Distribution: Does the Initial Ownership Play a Role?  I get attached to my money too.

Dropbox Bans BitTorrent Startup Boxopus Over Piracy Concerns  That didn’t take long. Who says fear of punishment can’t change behavior? Uncle Sam is always watching.

Higher vocabulary ~ higher income | Gene Expression  People just think you’re smarter when you use words they don’t know, and that’s probably in part what leads to higher income. People are always concluding I’m smart before I think I’ve said anything remotely insightful and vocabulary seems to be the best explanation.

More sex, please. Hormone, oxytocin, shows potential as weight-loss treatment

Chinese Target U.S. Homes  It’s starting to sound so much like the late 80’s Japanese Invasion it’s scary.

Philip Pilkington: Neoclassical Economics and the Foreclosing of Dissent – The Inner Death of a Social Science  Excellent piece on how economics drives heretics from the church field.

4 Suggestions for Halting the Lethality of Cancer Nothing earth shattering but it’s best to do what you can.

A Serial Bomber in Phoenix  Just because they got hacked doesn’t mean they don’t write some good stuff. Very interesting.

How You Feel What Another Body Feels  The refinement of mirror neurons.


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